Teen room 2019: stylish trends and ideas for teenage girls and boys

Teenager’s room should be a reflection of his personality. Only then will the growing child have not just a “place to sleep,” but a real home where the walls are treated and protected, and each thing strengthens faith in one’s own strengths and calls for new accomplishments. We will talk about teen room 2019 trends, because sometimes to find a compromise in the practical views of parents and categorical attitudes of a child at such an age is difficult. In addition, there are no universal tips and tricks for creating a comfortable interior for teenagers.


Teen room 2019: features of the layout

The child’s room must be divided into several conditional zones:

  1. A place to sleep; 2. Work desk and adjoining space; 3. Storage area.


Let’s get introduced to teen room 2019 trends. You can additionally allocate a place for a sports corner for a boy or a dressing table, if it is a girl. It’s good to organize a recreation area where the teenager will actively move, dance, make parties with friends and so on. If the room owner is a creative person, the hobby will also require a separate place.


Desk should be placed near the window, so that the student is engaged in natural lighting. Most often, the workplace is equipped in parallel with the windowsill, but it is best when the sunlight falls on the right. The bed, on the other hand, should be moved as far as possible from the window. Optimal will be the corner far from the entrance to the room.

If the house has a separate dressing room or another place for storing clothes, unload from things, leaving only a small chest of drawers for the most necessary. Otherwise, you will have to install a compact closet, ideally a corner.


Teen room 2019: style selection

The tastes of the 11 to 15 years child are significantly different. Therefore, when choosing a style for the nursery, you should focus on the age of its master.

Children of younger adolescence (12-14 years old) tend to imitate those they have chosen for their ideal, they want a room that is the same as that of their peers or heroes of their favorite films. Often they ask to paint on the walls scenes from popular games or comic books. In this case, don’t overload the room with contrasting color combinations and an abundance of details that negatively affect the vulnerable child’s psyche. Suitable teen room 2019 styles are minimalism or modernism. They are characterized by great flexibility and the ability to quickly change. Older teenagers are already able to decide on individual needs, dream of “adulthood”, which is evident in the their room interior.


For 15 – 18 years old teenagers listed styles are in trend:

  • Colonial or retro;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Provence;
  • Shebbie-chic;
  • Boho;
  • Avant-garde;
  • Loft.

There is no need strictly withstand a room in a certain style. The owner should feel comfortable and get an ideal space for self-realization.


Teen room 2019: fundamental rules

Furniture with glossy surfaces should be avoided, which gives glints. Combine general and local lighting. Use a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the lighting.

For local luminaires in the work area, it is more appropriate to choose halogen rather than fluorescent lamps. The second kind irritates sensitive eyes of teenagers and can lead to fast fatigue.The main requirements for furniture of teen room 2019 are ergonomics, security and functionality.


Design is also important, but only in combination with the three named components. Since boys and girls actively grow during the teenage period, the chairs and the table should have a height adjustment, and modular furniture should be used as storage sections, from which you can make different combinations, depending on the current needs.

Required furniture:

  • Bed or sofa,
  • Multi-functional desktop, better combined with a bookshelf,
  • Chairs, pouffes, armchairs,
  • Bookshelves,
  • Cupboard


Teen room 2019: design of a teen boy room

When decorating the teenage boy’s room, the main accent is made on his hobbies.In adolescence, boys like bright, contrasting colors, graffiti on walls, dynamic posters, sometimes creating a negative atmosphere. With all due respect to the position of the son, parents should gently, but persistently take him away from such a choice. Coloristic range should be soft and restrained, so as not to increase, and “extinguish” youth aggression. Neutral shades and natural, eye-pleasing materials are in trend.


Preferred colors of teen room 2019 are beige, gray, green, olive and light blue. Wallpapers with patterns are recommended to be avoided, posters will look too intrusive on their background. Red, orange, purple and other rich colors should be used in doses, in details. And from black, as well as from pure white, they cause sadness and depression in adolescents.


Teen room 2019: designing a teenage girl room

Pink color is rarely found in the teen room 2019 of a girl. Young ladies grow up and begin to “show character”. A teenage girl may prefer modern or minimalist interior, without decorative excesses, but stylish and elegant. Boho style is the best option for girls in the art warehouse.


Pastel colors, an abundance of flower decor, intricate accessories like many girls. This is also a style “for princesses”. Exquisite French country is suitable for romantic and dreamy natures. The general room scale is preferably tender, in warm peach, creamy, light coffee or milky tones. Wallpapers with a drawing wave are appropriate, because girls rarely collect posters, and pictures of idols are inserted into the frames and decorate them with a desk.


Hope our article helped to choose your child’s room interior design and make a stylish and cozy corner for them.

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