Teen boy bedroom ideas: top styles and tips for teen boy bedroom design

Change of preferences and tastes of child is reflected in surrounding world, interior with typewriters and cartoon characters ceases to suit boy. In addition, room for a teenager should be functional. We suggest parents to carefully consider needs of their child and think about design of teen bedroom. We will find out teen boy bedroom ideas with finished interior solutions, select wallpapers, curtains, furniture.

teen boy bedroom ideas, top styles and tips for teen boy bedroom design

Teen boy bedroom ideas should not be framed in one clear style, but it should be comfortable. In the rooms that are designed for boys, following zones must necessarily be present:

  • Storage for things
  • Workplace
  • Rest zone.

Zoning in rooms designed specifically for boys is done using lighting, wallpapers of different shades are selected. Bed can be covered with a canopy.

teen boy bedroom ideas, zoning in teen boy bedroom interior design


For teenage minimalist styles are best suited. Against their backdrop, you can safely allow child to post posters, decorate wallpaper with pictures and drawings. There are special curbs that help to conduct this process painlessly for finishing. In this case, it is good to choose a graphic wallpaper.

teen boy bedroom ideas, trendy styles in teen boy bedroom design

The interior can be stylized as a subject of his master’s hobbies. For example, in naval style – blue wallpaper, light air curtains, bed, covered with a thick linen cloth. You can add a few sand tints, accessories on the topic, shells and self-made ship.

teen boy bedroom ideas, thematic design in teen boy bedroom ideas

Teen boy bedroom ideas: trendy tips


Advise your child to choose warm and bright colors for decoration of walls so that they can be placed on bright accents. Several tricks for decorating and design of walls in teen boy bedroom ideas:

  • Combine different colors to distinguish zones in the room: a workplace in green shades, and a place to relax in pastel colors.

  • Decorative elements: a room for a boy is a space for stickers, stencils and other elements.
  • Paintings: posters are enough to place in thin frames.
  • Texture: wallpaper with a convex pattern is a highlight of the room.

teen boy bedroom ideas, wallpaper design in teen boy bedroom ideas

Allow child to post on the walls posters with images of favorite groups, athletes, actors and famous personalities.


For floor something natural is suitable. Practical parquet is perfect for finishing floors. Any design of a room for a boy is easy to implement with this material. Linoleum is also suitable. Carpet is another good idea for floor finishing in rooms meant for boys. This is not the most practical solution, but room immediately becomes warmer and more comfortable.

teen boy bedroom ideas, floor design in teen boy bedroom ideas

Teen boy bedroom ideas: trendy tricks

Room for teenage boy must necessarily be comfortable in terms of lighting. An important role in teen boy bedroom ideas is played by curtains: this is not only a decorative element but also a means of adjusting lighting.

teen boy bedroom ideas, lighting ideas in teen boy bedroom design

Large round lamps under the ceiling will look stylish. It is necessary to add a table lamp and an original night lamp to the area where the bed is.

teen boy bedroom ideas, curtains in teen boy bedroom ideas

Curtains in rooms should muffle bright sunlight, but do not make bedroom too gloomy.

Basic furniture: bed, wardrobe, table

It is important not to clutter interior of room. These rooms have several functions, so furniture should be practical.


Buy a table on which you can fit a laptop or computer, and there will also be room for working with notebooks and textbooks.


The place of storage of things should be roomy and fit well into interior.

teen boy bedroom ideas, furniture design ideas in teen boy bedroom


It should be spacious and comfortable. Drawers will save and organize space. The bed can be replaced by a sofa bed, which is easy to disassemble for the night.

All interior items must correspond to the main style idea. For example, in the rooms for athletes, boys can put a bed-transformer, which can easily be removed into the closet. In hi-tech style, it’s better to hang curtains instead of blinds.

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