Home office 2019: fashion trends and styles of home office interior design

In the interior design, there are many different styles that have been formed in different historical epochs. We hope that our article will help you to make your choice in home office design. Today we’ll show how to make a design of home office 2019 in various styles.

home office 2019, stylish trends and styles of home office design

Home office 2019: trendy styles

The home office 2019 in the classical style, will create an image of solidity and solvency. The classic twin-desk, as a rule, is the center of the cabinet in solid wood design.

home office 2019, home office design in classic style 2019

The table should be necessary with a wide table top. The decor can be leather, velvet, or carved. The classic interior will look perfect in shades of beige and brown. As accents, you can use green, dark blue or burgundy color. Bookcases are preferable to choose an open type, and the bar and bookshelves should be closed. The classic table lamp should be with a lampshade.

home office 2019, classic style home office interior design 2019

Art Deco’s distinctive features are a strict pattern, bold geometric shapes, ethnic geometric patterns, rich colors, generous ornaments. Also luxury, chic, expensive, modern materials, such as ivory, crocodile leather, aluminum, rare tree species, silver are in fashion.

home office 2019, art deco style in home office interior design 2019

In Art deco style is appropriate a rounded, streamlined form of furniture, chrome handles on wooden furniture facades. And at the same time, its adherents believe that form and color are more important than decor while using abstract motifs and bright, expressive colors.

Home office 2019: fashionable styles

The Rococo style is in home office 2019 design trend. Rococo style in art, emerged in France in the first half of the eighteenth century, as the development of the Baroque style. Graceful ornamental rhythm, great attention to mythology, personal comfort are also suitable. The furniture of the Rococo era is very elegant. Check out office trends 2019 for more information about office trends.

home office 2019, Rococo style in home office design 2019

The walls decorated with wooden panels. The color scheme of interiors in the Rococo style is very delicate, trendy pastel colors are pink, blue, light green in combination with gold and silver. As a decor, a large number of mirrors in carved frames and lighting devices are suitable. Huge luxurious chandeliers, sconces, candlesticks are in trend. In addition, various sculptures, statuettes and other decorative objects of the interior are in fashion.

home office 2019, Barocco style in home office design 2019

Home office 2019: modish styles

Provence style has developed under the influence of the climate and the living conditions of people in the province. Thence, in the decoration of the room, mostly pastel colors are relevant, as if burnt in the hot sun. The style of Provence should have a stone or tiled floor, whitewashed walls, a moderate amount of decor.

home office 2019, Provence style in home office design 2019

For the style of Provence, unlike other directions of country style, flower patterns are characteristic. Thus, textiles and typical for this style whitewashed, artificially aged wooden furniture are appropriate for this style. Provence style is in home office 2019 trend.

home office 2019, stylish Provence style in home office design

Furthermore, ethno-style is a style of a room with a national character. Ethnic style in the interior requires colors, decor, furniture, materials, characteristic of the interior of a house in a particular region, of a particular country, or nationality.

home office 2019, ethnic style home office interior design 2019

Today, the ethnic style in the interior is a trendy and popular style, because it gives the apartment its individuality, its own face. Also, according to interior designers, the most popular is Japanese ethnic style. What is interesting about Japanese style? A perfect color combination and laconic forms: that’s what attracts most people to this oriental style.

home office 2019, Japanese style in home office design 2019


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