Tropical living room: best trends and features of tropical interior design

Design of living room in tropical style is a true inspiration and an amazing idea not only for country house by the sea or summer residence but also for city apartment. In recent years, tropical style has changed very much in direction of modern, practical format and therefore you can like it very much. Let’s consider tropical living room design variants.

tropical living room, best trends, ideas and features of tropical interior design

Tropical living room: design ideas

Design of tropical living room is not necessarily bright colors (or blue and white interiors), wicker chairs and rustic atmosphere. It can be different, fun or mysterious, luxury or super-budget.

Furniture and decor

In such living room is often used wicker furniture or furniture under wicker. It is popular in colonial style, traditional tropical, Asian, but less and less common in styles of costa and in Florida (for living room, on the patio it is still used).

tropical living room, furniture in tropical living room design

Furniture for TV most often a traditional wooden cabinet with drawers and on the legs or a modern shelf for TV with minimalistic lines.

Lighting in such living room is usually multifaceted and it happens mainly because of its size. Very rare tropical living rooms have an area of less than 35 square meters. But there are some exceptions: Florida style, for example, requires only 15-20 square meters.

tropical living room, Florida style in tropical living room design

Textiles in such living room very much depend on the chosen theme. In co-opera there are images of sailboats, seashells or white and blue strip, in the Caribbean style: large prints of palm trees, palm leaves, pineapples and flamingos, in traditional classical: plant patterns, in colonial: European traditional patterns, but in bright colors, and in Asian: a large red-gold or beige-gold strip.

tropical living room, Caribbean style tropical living room design

Decor in tropical living room also depends heavily on style.

In coastal, it is sailboats, boats, yachts, corals, starfish, decorative beacons and wooden baskets, nets with glass balls. In Florida style: luxury lamps, dishes for serving snacks, fashionable vases, colored glass, in colonial: traditional English decor with travel themes, and in Asian style: classic Asian.

tropical living room, coastal style in tropical living room design

Finishing Materials

Floor in such living room is most often wooden, made of dark brown hardwood. There are also white floors for Florida style and sea, beige for Florida and Asian styles, as well as large carpets with tropical print covering whole floor.

tropical living room, wall design ideas in tropical living room design

Walls here can be almost only monophonic: beige, pale green, brown, white or sand.

Traditional tropical, colonial usually goes to traditional scale for design of the living room, because there are very important beige, brown, pale red, pale brown. Only to them are added exactly green accents and prints with palm trees, etc.

tropical living room, trendy colors in tropical living room design

Tropical living room: tropical styles

Styles of tropical living room

Asian tropical style is a combination of dark wood, pale walls, various shades of wood and warm accents, usually gold, copper, ocher, mustard, saffron, sometimes purple and dark blue.

tropical living room, Asian style tropical living room design

The Caribbean style is a pastel palette on a white background. Here are popular colors such as fuchsia, pale pink, coral and salmon, bright blue, turquoise, bright yellow, yellow sorbet, greens, palm leaves, dark green, lime, pineapple.

Style coastal is a combination of blue palette with white, sand or gray (in modern variations).

tropical living room, Florida style, Coastal style in tropical living room design

Florida style uses furniture in white gloss, soft rugs with high nap and glamorous furniture with accents in Art Deco. Interior is white, and the shades are bright and saturated, there are much fewer pastel colors here than in the Caribbean style.

Tropical living room: features of tropical style

Usually, in tropical living room there are at least two couches and two armchairs, and sometimes it is divided in two: one living room with a dining room, the other with a fireplace or TV. As we said, tropical style requires space.

tropical living room, tropical interior design with palm trees

Green color and palm print are part of only a few types of tropical interiors. For example, they are not in style of coastal, may not be in the Caribbean style or colonial. It is important to choose a specific mood that you like and start from it.

The Florida style and the Caribbean often borrow elements from Art Deco styles and glamorous chic.  In tropical style there is one more feature: love of photos and illustrations (botanical, including), in framework of passepartout, hung on all walls. For example, in colonial, traditional style, as well as in coastal and Caribbean, this idea is quite popular. Tropical style often uses oil paintings and watercolors (or posters) with seascapes. It is very important that mood of painting coincides with atmosphere of interior.

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