Popular living room colors 2019: trendy shades for living room design ideas 2019

It’s necessary to pay special attention to decoration of this room in your dwelling, living room is traditionally considered visiting card of owner. However, ideas of its interior should match fashion trends of 2019. In this article, we will provide short introduction to popular living room colors 2019, in order to facilitate your choice.

popular living room colors 2019, top trendy shades for living room 2019

Important thing in creating modern stylish design of your living room is choice of popular living room colors 2019.

If you decide to adhere to trends in decorating your living room, then you can easily choose one of shades of three most popular colors: white, gray, beige.

popular living room colors 2019, gray living room, white living room

Apart from white, even the next two fashionable colors have huge amount of natural shades, in which it will be preferable, according to recommendations of professional designers, to decorate walls of living room. Bright living room provides great opportunities for bright color filling with furniture and decor elements in contrasting colors. However, if you wish, you can also use different color range of saturated fashion tones, in 2019 living room colors will be actual: green, brown, black, blue, mustard, pink.

popular living room colors 2019, green living room, blue living room

popular living room colors 2019, mustard living room, pink living room

Living room in beige tones is gentle charm.

Modern design of living room is often based on light colors. One of popular living room colors 2019 is beige color.

popular living room colors 2019, beige living room

Floor and walls, finished in beige tones, create atmosphere of lightness and weightlessness, but at the same time, as shade is warm, not cold, comfort is also preserved, living room doesn’t become faceless and icy. Furniture adheres to basic color scheme, there are also shades of light gray.

popular living room colors 2019, trendy beige living roomRoom looks very bright and spacious, in part, this effect is achieved due to good lighting, both artificial and natural, cause light shades reflect light.

General beige scale is diluted with accessories: flowers in vases. They look like finishing accents and at the same time give interior very special gentle charm. New design of living room 2019 is combination of light colors, space and natural elements in interior.

At peak of popular living room colors 2019 there will be bright and fresh shades: turquoise and mint.

One of trendy shades, which have nothing to do with everyday life, is color of honeysuckle.

popular living room colors 2019, turquoise living room, mint living room

Intense pink with reddish tint, it adjusts to positive, animates space and becomes vibrant, life-affirming accent. You can use it anywhere, but most luxuriously and stylishly it looks on furniture with velvet upholstery.

popular living room colors 2019, marsala living room, yellow living room

Don’t get off pedestal trendy shade of Marsala, which will be excellent design decision. Due to soft tone, room seems cozy, and combination of marsala shade with neutral will make it respectable and solid.

Yellow and gold return to fashion as loud statement of positive attitude to life. Use of these colors in interior is bold and extravagant idea.

popular living room colors 2019, gold living room

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