Modern living room ideas 2019: stylish colors and trends for living room

Getting acquainted with new trends in interior design, it can be noted that new collections are oversaturated with bright colors, original prints. So, what is more typical for modern ideas in design of living room: modern style or classic, simple or luxurious materials? Let’s find out modern living room ideas 2019 in our article.

modern living room ideas 2019, top styles and colors of living room design

Modern living room ideas 2019: stylish materials

Elements of antique styles fit organically into modern living room ideas 2019: Baroque style influenced the abundant use of materials such as velvet, silvered metal, aged gold, brass paint, which replace bronze.

modern living room ideas 2019, Baroque style living room, Scandinavian style

Also, you can find notes of Scandinavian and vintage style, in which gilding is actively used. Designers decisively place bright accents, carefully select surfaces that evoke a sense of comfort. Thus, to fit into design of living room in modern style, upholstered furniture should be large, massive and joyful.

Scandinavian loft combines a wall laminate, functionality of a closet, woven rugs and, of course, Ploum sofas in a streamlined form.

Modern trends are:

  • saturated colors
  • polished surfaces
  • exquisite vintage gizmos.

Designers boldly mix shapes from different decades and use synthetic materials. Style solutions of past years bring inspiration for creating new patterns and borrowing retro forms.

modern living room ideas 2019, modern trends for living room 2019

Trends in furniture shapes are also changing. In fashion, wider sofas with huge seats that can fulfill function of a sleeping bed.

Shelves with an abundance of shelves occupy entire wall, which makes it possible to arrange objects that harmonize in shape and opens sight of surface of wall.

modern living room ideas 2019, stylish shelves in living room 2019

Popularity is gained by the air shelves dividing space of room into two zones, however, transparency of rack provides good illumination of entire room.

Modern living room ideas 2019: ideas for lighting and wall coverings

One of trends of modern living room ideas 2019 is a harmonious combination of stiffness and softness. In interior in country-style will fit a wooden bench Ruché, covered with a fluffy pink mattress.

Elements of artistic decoration should somehow be combined with lamps. Also, a new word in interior theme is a stone pendant lamp. The creation of marble with a brass ball is a real art object.

modern living room ideas 2019, lighting ideas in living room design

Combining wallpaper patterns is another fashionable trend from Europe, an occupation requiring skill. To connect large and small wallpaper pattern into a single composition was possible to emphasize shape of designer chair. Fine wallpaper patterns are a storehouse of backgrounds for exquisite gizmos.

modern living room ideas 2019, wallpaper trends in living room design 2019

Modern living room with retro furniture

Another example of the Scandinavian style is textured linoleum, white walls, sofas of color of sea and simple lamps. Abundance of air is a wonderful occasion to fill hall with elements with a woven decor, flowers. A laconic form of sideboards picked up a little lighter than the floor.

modern living room ideas 2019, stylish ideas in modern living room ideas 2019

Modern living room ideas 2019: fashionable colors

If past seasons in interior design dominated pastel, modern living room ideas 2019 are filled with bright colors that combine with gray and brown. Also, combination of wall coverings by colors becomes one of methods of zoning space.


Yellow is used to denote accents, juicy tone chairs, rugs and wall panels are relevant.


Natural green muted herbal tones: desire to satisfy cravings for nature. Also, used for wall decoration, designers predict a new wave in minimalism: backgrounds of foliage color. As a detail on a dark green background, you can place furniture or decor, imitating fruits and berries of red, purple and blue flowers.

modern living room ideas 2019, yellow living room, green living room

Combination of blue and orange

Cold blue and warm orange complement each other, like smooth surface of sky and sunset. To beat this effect will help blue backgrounds and bright orange furniture. Thus, air white or beige for a shade of a floor will add a scale, and gray will add a little autumn atmosphere.

modern living room ideas 2019, blue and orange living room, golden living room


Golden is perhaps one of the most basic tones for metal parts of lamps, many manufacturers of brass and bronze cover with gilding.

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