Living room paint colors 2019: TOP fashionable colors for LIVING ROOM DESIGN

Color of walls in living room sets main tone of entire interior. Right choice of shade won’t only help create cozy and beautiful design, but also remove some of shortcomings of living room. Let’s consider living room paint colors 2019.

living room paint colors 2019, top trends and colors for living room design 2019

Living room paint colors 2019: trendy colors

We will talk about trendy living room paint colors 2019 with different number of tones and semitones:


Luscious grassy palette gives sense of freedom, dynamics, positive, symbolizes unity of man with nature.

living room paint colors 2019, green living room 2019


Black background looks stylish and elegant in spacious apartments, combined with white and gray tones. Thus in private house, black color is inappropriate.

living room paint colors 2019, black living room 2019Sea tones

Palette of sea tones is ready to amaze seekers of freshness and novelty with a lot of amazingly beautiful accents.

living room paint colors 2019, blue living room, red living room


Red color continues to be used as main background and accents.

Beige, milky, coffee shades reflect softness, comfort, harmony, warmth.

Gray background will satisfy preferences of those who consider light shades too soft, inexpressive.

living room paint colors 2019, beige living room, purple living room

Brown tones create game of shades, using different levels of lighting.

Purple living rooms will eliminate monotony of everyday life.

living room paint colors 2019, gray living room, white living room

Thus mustard tinge has also inexpressible dynamism, charge of energy.

White color doesn’t come off covers of fashion magazines, imparting impeccably clean rooms with new, vivid accents.

Living room paint colors 2019: stylish hues

Colors of furniture and accessories in this season are presented in very wide range. Thus this applies to new models, and reissued classics. Color again becomes center of attention.

Even one bright piece of furniture can emphasize and develop aesthetics of space. So brands, traditionally representing furniture in pastel colors, also offer game of shades.

living room paint colors 2019, living room in pastel colors

Return interiors of sunny and lemon-yellow colors, reddish-orange and bright shades of green. Also yellow-green is one of stunning living room paint colors 2019.

living room paint colors 2019, yellow-lemon living room, red-orange living room

Also one of the most interesting combinations of season is combination in interior of pine green, mustard yellow, royal blue and burgundy-red.

Living room paint colors 2019: choosing color of living room

Don’t forget about direction in which windows of living room go out. From this, choice of walls’ color and its maximum manifestation may depend.

If windows go to the north, excellent option is to use warm and bright colors when decorating room. So here you can use red, yellow, orange, green.

living room paint colors 2019, violet living room, orange living room

In cases where windows are open to the South, situation is opposite. Also here cold and calm shades like blue, violet, beige are organically used.

Do the windows face the East? So this means that room will be well lit.  Use of neutral, soft colors will be ideal solution for such living room, such as white, gray, beige, lilac.

living room paint colors 2019, fashionable lilac living room

If windows face the West. Here everything is just the opposite. Lack of light is compensated by bright and saturated colors like red, yellow and orange. Also, choice of calm tones (beige, lilac, purple, blue) won’t be mistake.

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