Living room ideas 2019: top trends and tips colors for living room

Each person with great seriousness approaches issues of decorating living space since this is not only an object of real estate. It is a place where person spends significant part of his life, place where he can rest and gain strength. Living room plays special role because in the evenings whole family gathers here. In addition, it is a kind of visiting card of apartment owners. Let’s talk about living room ideas 2019.

living room 2019, top trends, tips and fashionable colors for living room design

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Designers have suggested new living room ideas 2019. To increase space often combine hall with kitchen, loggia or hallway. This solution will not only expand premises but also show imagination and create truly unusual design of modern living room 2019.

living room 2019, stylish trends for living room interior design 2019

Living rooms with large windows are at peak of popularity. So in small-sized apartments, designers advise combining rooms to create spacious studios. Don’t overload premises with cumbersome furniture items or place partitions for zoning. When choosing details, from finishing materials to decor objects, be guided by laconic solutions. Application of safe and environmentally friendly materials are in trend. Bright colors with natural motifs are welcomed. Bright accents are completely permissible but in limited quantities. Modern style is characterized by easy blending of different stylistic orientations.

living room 2019, tips and tricks for living room design 2019

Eclecticism will reflect character of all owners of apartment. Main trend is creation of comfortable projects, which can afford majority of population. Shelves, drawers, and shelving look harmoniously in interior of living room. It is fashionable when in open space minimum amount of things. So they better hide in cabinets and drawers, and on shelves. Coffee tables of unusual shape or glass are in living room designs 2019 fashion.

living room 2019, stylish eclectic living room interior design 2019

Living room ideas 2019: tips for room zoning

If key factor in creating interior is multifunctionality of hall, it makes sense to zonate space. The most popular ways of zoning: furniture; gypsum plasterboard partitions (their use is outdated), various design of walls (photo wallpaper, textured plaster, paint of different shades), lighting. Ultra-modern living room ideas 2019 doesn’t involve massive gypsum plasterboard structures. So the most actual option for zoning will be decoration of walls and lighting. Central chandelier, floor lamps, sconces and other fixtures will help to distinguish zones designed to perform specific functions. With the help of variety of lighting, you can create dining room, bedroom and living room.

living room 2019, tips and tricks for zoning of living room

Interior of any room has a central element. For example, in bedroom it is always bed, in hall, there can be different options for main element, depending on preferences and lifestyle of owners.

living room 2019, symmetrical arrangement of living room 2019

Living room ideas 2019: current color scale

When choosing base color for living room 2019, it is better to follow traditional solutions. For this role, white, gray, beige or black colors are perfect, as they perfectly blend in with rest of palette.

living room 2019, trendy colors in living room interior design 2019

Snow-white background is also in living room ideas 2019 fashion, especially when decorating small rooms. In this case, there is urgent need for bright and large accent. This may be sofa, armchair or another large piece of furniture that stands out against light background. Human eye needs to focus on something, so value of bright accent on light background can’t be overemphasized.

living room 2019, beige living room, white living room

Beige base color is popular at all times. Particularly beige is relevant when windows go to the north side, natural light is dim, and the sun is only in the morning. Incredibly relevant in this season is gray due to practicality and neutrality. When selecting gray tones to create basic background note that it refers to cold part of palette. So you need to dilute it with warm accents. Bright decor or furnishings will be perfect for this accent.

living room 2019, beige living room design, chocolate living room design

Living room ideas 2019: fashionable furniture

Choose furniture based on functional features of room. For recreation area of living room, an excellent choice will be corner sofa and soft puffs. They have undeniable advantage: multifunctionality. Corner sofas have storage areas, one can make large berth. Ottomans are used as tables or subjects for sitting. Massive cabinets and walls aren’t trendy. Instead of them, it is necessary to stop choice on high laconic chests of drawers without decorative frills, open shelves, shelves and pendant lockers with doors. Such items for storage create easy image, visually don’t reduce room.

living room 2019, furniture arrangement tips in living room 2019

For design of living room it is better to use furniture of shades, which are trendy in living room designs. It’s beige, sand, gray, chocolate. Such deep colors will create truly noble and elegant modern living room, but will not lead to sense of congestion. Thus, we offered trendy living room ideas 2019, choice is yours.

living room 2019, gray living room design, sand living room design

Also, if you choose different shades of same color for furniture and decor items, then interior will turn out to be particularly elegant and refined. Dark furniture on light background will look favorable. Such decision will give your room dynamic and, despite some tradition of combining contrasting hues, will remain within framework of current fashion trends.

living room 2019, living room design 2019 with dark furniture

Living room ideas 2019: fashion tips

Symmetrical arrangement of furnishings or bent legs of armchairs and sofas are in living room ideas 2019 trend. Light decorative inserts on their upholstery will also give grace and tradition to even ultra-modern design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with decor. But all furnishings, decoration material, and accessories should be in harmony with each other. Bright accents should not look like foreign objects.

living room ideas 2019, stylish curtains in living room design ideas

They must complement composite solutions. As such accent can be one-color straight curtains of bright color. Mainstream of season 2019 is combination of roll and traditional curtains, hue, and texture of textiles can be same or different. It depends on whether you want to fit curtains into overall picture of room or want to focus on windows.

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