Living room designs 2019: stylish trends and colors in living room design

The living room is the main room where guests are invited and celebrations are held. And in the evenings all family members gather here. It isn’t important to follow the trends and carry out repairs with the replacement of wallpaper and so on in order to respond to fashion trends. Simply stop your choice on a definite style and periodically update it with the decor, interior details, and some new items. Let’s know about living room designs 2019 trends in more detail.

living room designs 2019, trends, colors and ideas of living room interior design

The main trends of living room designs 2019 will be simplicity, discreet superfluity and comfort. Massy furniture, simulated textures go to the past.

living room designs 2019, interior design with natural stone

Natural stone, such as marble, onyx, granite, agate or its high-quality replication are in fashion. Stone carving in diverse forms is in trend. Sophisticated geometric prints on marble also in fashion.

The metal material will be used not only in sanitary ware but also in furniture and panels. Glossy metallic shine will make the interior exquisite and trendy. Designers offer using chrome and silver, ideally repelling white light. It’ll be appropriate with high-tech, Scandinavian styles. Check out tips on Dining room 2019 here.

living room designs 2019, minimalism style in living room design

The style with a minimum of furniture and accessories is characterized by elegance and discreet chic. Stylish accents, giving the room coziness, will be a small round table and a couple of paintings. Also, don’t overload the space with complex decor elements and bright colors.

Living room designs 2019: fashion ideas

The most fashionable walls’ hues in living room designs 2019 are white, milky, light coffee, lemon. Copper, brass, and gilding are also in trend. It’s ideal for a classic interior. Modern style in the kitchen interior will underline your personality.

living room designs 2019, modern style of living room interior design

Don’t lose relevance wood in its natural form without large layers of varnish and paint.

The most trendy types of interior design in 2019 will be:

high tech;



living room designs 2019, high-tech style in living room interior design


Cuban (Mexican);



living room designs 2019, Cuban or Mexican style of living room design

Eclecticism is a freedom of action, for example, in the harmonious unification of ethnic and classical styles, or urbanism and rural styles.

Thus, a combination of elements of high-tech and ecological style will look stylish.

living room designs 2019, eclectic design of living room design

In natural style living room, certain details of pop art can organically fit into the interior.

If you have a small apartment, the style of minimalism will suit you. Rescue, in this case, is furniture with a leather shiny upholstery. Glossy furniture facades will create the illusion of space in a small living room.

Now it is becoming more popular retro-minimalism in the style of the 60’s. Due to its modest forms and bright, outrageous colors, this style is becoming more popular.

living room designs 2019, marsala living room, pink living room

Colors of living room 2019

The trend of living room designs 2019 is classic black and white, all hues of gray, blue, marsala, terracotta, pink, claret, gold, emerald, lemon, cherry.

All these colors will require compulsory dilution of themselves with other tones. These colors perfectly match the white interior.

living room designs 2019, lemon living room, emerald living room

Gray and black colors in the living room design, in harmony with white, will always be popular and relevant. Gray and black color will emphasize the elegance of the interior, advantageously create a neutral platform for placing a variety of accents.

living room designs 2019, gray, black, white living room design

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