Living room design 2019: best styles, colors and tips for living room 2019

Photos of modern living room designs clearly say that this room is special. And to implement beautiful modern designs in 2019, many ideas were born and a lot of designer novelties were invented. Make a living according to fashion trends and design ideas as possible. So we will talk about living room design 2019 trends.

modern living room ideas 2019, top styles and colors in living room design

Living room design 2019: colors and shades

Color solution of interior is one of important tasks in living room design 2019. There can’t be a stylish and fashionable design without an exact selection of colors and shades for decoration, accessories, and furniture. In addition, palette of color and light should be in harmony with overall design of a living room and be in tune with mood and preferences of owners of house.

A juicy intense shade of green is color of grass, lime leaves, mint, and emerald. Design of living room in green colors is for liberated and self-confident.

living room design 2019, green living room design 2019

Black color is unusually elegant and luxurious. Living room, decorated in black, will be pinnacle of style and chic.

living room design 2019, black living room design 2019

Gamma blue and its amazing shades is an undeniable trend. Red tones are not a novelty of design, they just kept their positions in 2019, and will be in demand as main color line and for accentuation.

living room design 2019, blue living room, red living room

A huge range of beige also doesn’t go out of fashion, all its shades from light sand to dark are trendy. Gray shades are also rich, but their expressiveness is sharper and can give an opportunity to implement a more bold idea of living room design. Brown scale is unusual and is a very powerful expressive tool.

living room design 2019, gray living room, brown living room

Living room design 2019: other trendy colors and styles

Magic of violet is an explosion of consciousness and a new stage of development. And in living room design 2019 it is bold and colorful, and staggeringly positive and bright. An interesting and dynamic color of mustard will remain in fashion 2019. And for design of living rooms, this expressive color is indispensable if idea of an interior is chosen for energetic and vivid style.

living room design 2019, violet living room, mustard living room

Charge of energy received from mustard will be enough on a working day, and on an evening of rest. White colors don’t go out of fashion and are always at the peak of popularity.

Planning interiors of living rooms 2019 will be based on basic styles: loft and Mediterranean minimalism. Thus from romantic and vintage styles in fashion is a slightly adventurous retro style.

living room design 2019, loft living room, Mediteranean living room

So ethnic and classical styles don’t go out of fashion. Modern styles of high-tech directions, pop art, minimalism, industrial loft, and fusion are still at height of fashion.

living room design 2019, pop art living room, ethnic style living room

Thus peculiarity of these styles is use of new technological building materials and various know-how in technologies of decoration and lighting control. In fashion, there will be textured decor elements, including textiles: wall decoration fabrics and velvet upholstery, embossed and structural wallpaper, for floor – original carpets, including wicker.

Living room design 2019: trendy styles and tips

Classic styles, characterized by restraint and rigor in colors, shapes, and lines are universal. Thus they are in living room design 2019 fashion. Also, original elements of decor for classics are just a means of emphasizing its hidden diversity. An interesting novelty of design of living rooms 2019 is short curtains and colorfully printed finishes slightly oriental style.

living room design 2019, oriental style living room design 2019

Ethnic styles suggest naturalness in decoration: stone-wood-metal. The choice of ethnic-style determines detailed selection of all elements of interior design.

A slightly different idea is novelty of design in style of minimalism with the Mediterranean not: perfectly harmonizing a small apartment. Since minimalist concepts are strict to everything superfluous, this design of living room gives space, freedom, and freshness of sea wind.

Furniture for living rooms 2019

All pieces of furniture tend to grace and lightness, arrays and dimensions are contrary to the style. Eclectic for upholstered furniture, unexpected decorative and practical details made by weaving and knitting are in trend.

living room design 2019, furniture design in living room design 2019

So openness in shelves and cabinets, absence of heavy doors and transparency are in fashion. Natural building materials for decoration, from bamboo and rattan, cork, wood and natural stone are increasingly popular.

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