Living room 2018: Discover hottest shows tendencies

Best trends from interior shows for you, best interiors Living room 2018

Recently, best brands and designers presented latest interior concepts and furniture models at IMM Cologne 2018. We’re inspired by these incredible masterpieces, and have found best living room 2018 ideas from that and other shows. The very understanding of interior is changing. Living room design becomes like an incredible story, staging with new philosophy, ideal dance of light and three dimensions … Even color of year from Panton – unearthly and poetic ultraviolet, was clearly chosen for good reason! It’s time for deep thoughts, flight of fantasy to boundaries of the mysterious and unknown … Living room is right place to clearly reflect your personality, for showing, what the Human is – an amazing multi-faceted being.

Best interiors, best living room interios from world famous exhibitions Living room 2018

Are you ready for little space trip? Sit back and read our «Living room 2018: Hot trends from shows» article!

Living room 2018: Das Haus

Today we’ll present ideas for living room 2018 in little unusual way – from general to particular. We just couldn’t overlook the 2018 “Das Haus -Interiors on Stage” installation! It’s complete home interior simulation. This installation author is a talented designer Lucy Koldova.

Das Haus Lucie Koldova's installation of an ideal home Living room 2018

Everyone who visited her site, for sure, will already anticipate that incredible, cosmic atmosphere her interiors. There you can see a quote from Jean Baudrillard’s book. His philosophy really reflects in designer’s works, as well as in all truly modern interiors. Here colors and forms work for you. So, you won’t become hostages to stereotypes about “functional” and “natural”. Emotions and feelings awoken by compositions get main role. But that’s not all … So, what can we learn?

  • Focus on light! Lighting can fully transform the interior, especially in ensemble with interestingly organized perspective effects. Lots of luminaries, including decorative ones, should serve as art installations also.

Lights for ideal home, living room lights Living room 2018

  • Use upholstered furniture of same 1-2 color’s several saturated shades.

One color tones in furniture, bright expressive upholstery Living room 2018

  • Take home what you like! These lamps, resembling starry sky, look great with circular sofa. Does it remind you dropping flower or space ship? .. Maybe it’s not so important as the fact that it all looks amazing!

Starry night lights from Lucie Koldova's Das Haus installation Living room 2018

  • Don’t be afraid of red!

Red in its best brightest shades Best ideas for living room Living room 2018

  • Glass clearness and transparency are your best friends for decor!

Glass transparency and airy look in decor Best glass decor examples Living room 2018

Living room 2018: Furniture

Let’s continue searching best living room 2018 ideas! Now we’ll talk about furniture. We haven’t recovered yet from positive aesthetic shock and dizziness after reviewing Lucy Koldova’s works, when suddenly…

  • Something unearthly stunning takes our breath away! Just look at these chairs!.. The Panton Glow and the Panton Chrome appear as two different hypostases of radiance in perfect dynamic form! Of course, it’s recommended to use them in pair. These chairs’ release is limited, but do we see any lifehack? Yes! Combine luminescent and chrome-plated futuristic furniture pieces. So they’ll complement each other’s glow spectacularity!

The Pantone Glow and The Pantone Light Living room 2018

  • Huge soft sofas considered being leaders in the both traditional and combined living room design trends. Sofas’ shapes become even more rounded and softened than before.

Soft Furniture for modern living room, great furniture styles Living room 2018

  • Soft and wicker furniture became trendy. And not just individually, but combined in same furniture pieces also! Soft modules should be superimposed on plated base. It turns into great beach-themed accent in traditional coziness concept…
  • We’ve just came to the beach theme «shores», so now we’re diving! The Brabbu Company has already opened secrecy’s veil. We already know how its stands will look at forthcoming Salone del Mobile 2018 exhibition! Real Neptune’s palace decor surely should look this way! Pay attention on this table – it will become most conceptual decoration and pearl of living room. Even if it’s made in sea sponge shape and another pearl shines from wall.

Brabbu living room with sea world imitation, best interior ideas Living room 2018

Colors and finishing: Living room 2018

What can we say about finishing and basic colors after such vivid shapes’ extravaganza? Living room 2018 should be based on colors’ and textures’ richness and variety! So, minds again make reference to J.Baudrillard’s «System of objects», as we finally see the colorfulness liberation. So, what are that tones, color combinations and textures that in truly innovative interiors?

  • Ultraviolet and all purple shades became new interior design milestone’s indisputable leaders. Vivid tones, mystical and detached from everyday grayness, as if making lift high from Earth surface – we all expected that, didn’t we?.. Living room, as largest and logically accented one, is the very place for such expressive shades.

Violet tones in living room, violet velvet upholstery Living room 2018

  • All water shades, as blue and saturated emerald will symbolize the element in your living room. Often they’re used together in “waves” on carpets or geometric patterns on pillows, upholstery and other textile.
  • Dramatic fiery red shades, sometimes turning into orange-red, bring energy and true burst of positive emotions! Bold persons can choose red as basic living room color. «Calmness» zones, for example, work area, can be shaded silvery-gray.

Water, gray and golden shades in modern living room interior Living room 2018

  • Mysticism and drama unite in perfect dark berry shades with appreciable blue subtone. If you’re too calm person for such tempestuous color rush, pay attention on muted berry tones, closer to pink ones.

Colors for modern living room, combinations and interesting tones Living room 2018

  • Sparkling yellow accents will make gray interiors come to life!
  • Choose noble, not too hard shades of gray.
  • Add shine with chrome.
  • Velvety textures guarantee even more softness feeling in interior.

Living room 2018: Decor

Let’s continue our fascinating excursion into modern interiors’ world! So, what should be our finishing touches for so bold and poetic living room 2018?

  • Soft carpets with daring pattern become indispensable decor elements. Any carpet should continue living room interior “story line”. For example, if furniture resembles coastal stones by shape, in middle you need water – blue or emerald colored carpet, and sand colored one – closer to furniture. Got trendy Art Deco motifs in interior? So carpet should be with black&white stripes, large stylized pattern or print. Prefer velvety soft textures.

Cool carpets for modern living room, best ideas for living room Living room 2018

  • Incredible lights. Choose them from heart! Mad forms, tendency to fantasy motifs and retro shapes, large sizes – everything is possible! You can even combine several chandeliers.
  • Eco-decor and kintsugi – win-win ways of self-expression through art, relevant in almost any modern living room. Kintsugi is Japanese art with deep philosophical concept of imperfection aesthetics and appreciation. Broken pieces won’t be thrown away, they’re glued with lack, colored with gold or silver powder. It’s imitation also gets into newest living rooms.

Kintsugi - the art of non-perfection beauty, golden and silver cracks Living room 2018

Hopefully, our «Living room 2018: Hot trends from shows» article brought you much joy and inspiration!

Best trends from interior shows for you, best interiors Living room 2018

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