Boho living room: 5 stylish tips and 4 styles of boho interior design

If bright 80’s returned to design of clothes, then in interior design role of leader takes on style of Boho. It is also called bohemian chic. Word itself came from French and literally translates as gypsy. In fact, this style is a mix of colors and styles, decor and accessories, which creates a unique, colorful and festive atmosphere. This style is perfect for living room, where we meet guests so often, celebrate family celebrations and spend weekend. Let’s find out tips for boho living room.

boho living room, 5 stylish tips and 4 style of boho interior design

Boho living room: stylish tips

Replace sofa

A low sofa is one of main components of boho living room. Its coloring can be quite neutral, say cream or gray color is quite suitable. Decorate it with countless multicolored, colorful and multi-colored pillows. This move gives interior a touch of Bedouin or Moroccan style. Put a few bright carpets on sofa next to each other and central element of living room is ready.

boho living room, sofa style in boho living room design

Combine the incongruous

This applies to everything: furniture, decor, and styles: boho gives you complete freedom of action and doesn’t limit your choice. For example, along with wooden furniture, you can easily put in your living room transparent plastic chairs and complete image of large chandelier of artificial crystal.

boho living room, design ideas for boho living room design

Boho living room: fashionable tips

Experiment and don’t be afraid to overdo it

Boho is characterized by an abundance of everything. Don’t be scared if, at entrance to room, you will feel a slight clutter. This is peculiar to style and even is one of his business cards. Also, textiles should be a lot in boho living room, just like furniture, and frames on walls.

boho living room, textiles in boho living room design

Bet on the ornament

It will make interior of living room unique and bright. In Boho, you can combine completely different patterns: from Moroccan and Indian to your favorite chevron and peas. And the rule here is quite simple: the more the better.

boho living room, Moroccan style in boho living room design ideas

Choose different patterns in one or similar color shades: so you will show guests that your interior is thoroughly thought out, and not at random.

Tell your story

A picture or a set of porcelain, which your great-grandmother loved so much, can become a highlight of interior. In the same way as napkins connected personally by you. And maybe in your pantry, there is an antique trunk or a suitcase, use it for other purposes as an original alternative to ordinary coffee table. And on the shelves of sideboard, you can showcase your collection of figurines or vases.

boho living room, Bohemian decor in boho living room design

Boho living room: fashionable styles

Find out what Boho living room design styles are in trend.

In classic boho, it is customary to use classical forms. Furniture should be strict, use a light ethnic style. Intricate ornaments and virtuosic paintings only smooth straight lines and place necessary accents. Boho-classic means use of velvet capes, lace curtains, and other similar elements. Very appropriate will also be tapestries, neighborhood which can make Japanese miniatures or rare objects. Characteristic colors are beige, golden, marble and brown.

boho living room, classic Bohemian style in living room design

Boho-glamour is rather purely individual cocktail of a variety of vintage gizmos. So, decorated with passionate painting old chest will get a new life in interior of Boho. In order to add furniture originality you can simply put on the rocking chair a fur cape, voila, and it will play with new colors. Main thing here is to rely more on your own taste and don’t forget that interior should look refined and exquisitely luxurious.

boho living room, glamour boho style in living room design

Boho-eco style is for those who prefer natural materials in design of their home. Moreover, cotton, leather, silk, natural wood, and stone are not only practical but also very exquisite and noble.

boho living room, boho-eco living room interior design

Thus, Boho-hippie gives a bright freedom, enthusiastic, slightly fairy, incredibly original. Braid, various baubles, lots of details and accents, and all these splendor is painted in all colors of rainbow spectrum.

boho living room, boho hippie style in living room design

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