Small kitchen ideas 2019: choose one of top ideas for small kitchen design

Most housewives dream of large spacious kitchen, which will fit both everything necessary for cooking and dining area in which not only family but also close friends can gather at one table. However, if you are unlucky, and your kitchen is modest in size, it can also be decorated in accordance with fashion trends. Let’s consider small kitchen ideas 2019.

small kitchen ideas 2019, top trends and tips for small kitchen design 2019

Small kitchen ideas 2019: decide on style of kitchen

It’s best to stop at one of minimalist options for small kitchen ideas 2019. Take care of visual expansion of space. To do this, apply light color scheme, for example, milky and beige tones, glossy surfaces, mirrors.

small kitchen ideas 2019, milky kitchen, beige kitchen

Choose ergonomic furniture with well-designed storage systems. An excellent solution will be corner cabinet. Chairs or stools and folding table will help solve problem of space folding. Avoid protruding handles, hooks and past decorative elements, as well as sharp corners, cause in small kitchen they can cause micro-injuries.

small kitchen ideas 2019, furniture design in small kitchen 2019

Necessary condition is good lighting. It’s best if there are several light sources. Buying equipment, give preference to multifunctional models because it will be easier to place one harvester than mixer, blender, grater, meat grinder and shaker for cocktails.

small kitchen ideas 2019, lighting ideas in small kitchen 2019

Small kitchen ideas 2019: modern design of small kitchen

In kitchen environment, you should exclude presence of large amount of furniture. Here, preference is given to such styles as hi-tech or modern.

small kitchen ideas 2019, hi-tech small kitchen, modern small kitchen

But it isn’t necessary to design interior in exactly same style. Combination of all styles is possible, and you can even add something from yourself.

small kitchen ideas 2019, light shades in small kitchen ideas 2019

In color scheme, preference is given to light shades, they visually increase small space. Kitchen set is also important to choose in beige or milky tones. Such furniture is very well washed, especially when it’s done regularly, it always looks wonderful and chic.

When choosing kitchen set, you should abandon hanging cabinets, as they became less popular this year, and replaced by open shelves. According to IKEA, this is especially true for small kitchens.

Small kitchen ideas 2019: how to design small kitchen in Provence style

Also for small kitchen ideas 2019 it’s better to choose transforming furniture, so that it’s multifunctional, with large number of sections and systems for storage, with all kinds of sliding structures. If possible, choose furniture without accessories. Such furniture isn’t only stylish but also will maximize space.

small kitchen ideas 2019, transforming furniture in small kitchen ideas 2019

Small kitchen in Provence style

For young people who lead active lifestyle, keep up with fashion trends and follow the latest news in fashion, interior design of kitchen space in style of hi-tech, loft and minimalism will be more suitable. Making kitchen in style of Provence or Art Nouveau is more suitable for people aged, phlegmatic and romantic.

small kitchen ideas 2019, loft kitchen, Provence style kitchen


If you stick to newfangled trends in color palette, then choose set and paint walls better in shades of white, black and gray tones. You can use bright colors, but neatly.

For small kitchens still, the best option is choice of light and single-tone tones. If style is more suitable for cold shades, and kitchen isn’t on sunny side, then paint walls in pastel colors. Such as peach or lilac.

small kitchen ideas 2019, lilac kitchen, peach kitchen

If you focus on styles of interior design in style of minimalism, hi-tech and loft, then they have cold and basic shades, and modern and Provence – warm and moderately bright.

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