Small kitchen design 2019: top trends and ideas for small kitchen in 2019

Small kitchens less than 6 sqm is a common phenomenon of urban apartments. And to facilitate their life, many residents of such apartments often have to dismantle partition between room and kitchen. But if you correctly select palette and even up to a centimeter calculate all functionality, even the most compact room can become a comfortable and cozy place, and limited space will not be so obvious. Consider main aspects that designers are advised to pay special attention to in small kitchen design 2019.

small kitchen design 2019, top trends and ideas for small kitchen 2019

The first thing you need to start for small kitchen design 2019 is to create a plan for furniture placement. Layout of kitchen can be angular, linear, U-shaped or two-row, choice depends on personal perceptions and desires.

Linear placement of furniture significantly saves space. When all cabinets, drawers, and stove are located along one wall, hostess is not only comfortable moving around, but process of cooking is also convenient.

small kitchen design 2019, linear placement, angular placement

Option of angular placement of headset is no less practical in small kitchens. In this case, furniture is installed at right angles to the walls. This kitchen allows you to place enough lockers, and opposite headset to put a dining table.

small kitchen design 2019, stylish U-shaped placement in kitchen design

With U-shaped layout of free space in a kitchen will be less than in two previous versions, but this arrangement can also be effectively applied. This is an excellent option for those who want to maximize practical and functional use of small area. Kitchen will comfortably accommodate home appliances and a lot of kitchen utensils, but here dining table will have to be placed in living room or dining room.

In small kitchens, two-row layouts are often used when furniture is installed on two opposite sides. As a rule, on the one hand is working area, on the other is dining.

Small kitchen design 2019: features of furnishing

Here are small kitchen design 2019 tips:

  • functionality and minimum details are two basic principles that need to be followed when arranging furniture. Folding countertops, deep drawers, narrow and high cabinets, pull-out systems, folding chairs and minimum of cabinet furniture: all this is relevant for a small kitchen
  • an excellent alternative to regular table can be bar counter, which will also be decorative element in kitchen
  • if there is a niche, it can be occupied by a suite

small kitchen design 2019, stylish tips for small kitchen design 2019

transparent, as if floating elements of furniture (high chairs or countertops) are an effective and notorious reception for small kitchens.

  • Several lamps over table instead of chandelier will help diversify light scenario. They should be adjusted in height and change brightness of lighting.
  • Divide kitchen into zones – working and dining, using several light sources, differing in color of emitted light flux.

small kitchen design 2019, stylish zoning ideas in small kitchen design 2019

  • Don’t forget about technical side of issue. Lamps located near water sources should have moisture-proof enclosures, and the rest should be at least 60 cm from wet zone.
  • Expand space in kitchen with internal lighting of facades. Light inside of transparent lockers, and if they are deaf, remove at least one, so as not to block up room. Better leave open shelves and also highlight them.

small kitchen design 2019, stylish lighting ideas in small kitchen 2019

Small kitchen design 2019: stylish tips and colors

Some small kitchen design 2019 tips and tricks:

A large lamp will create right atmosphere, so carefully consider its choice. Choose a fabric lampshade, it will pass unobtrusive soft light, filling kitchen with comfort and warmth. Place lamp above dining table so that light from it completely captures space of countertop.

Mirror can successfully handle lighting function. It perfectly reflects and multiplies light streams, visually expanding space.

Color design

In a small room, an important role has color design. For a small kitchen, optimal will be bright surfaces, and cool shades will make it visually more spacious, and warm will give home comfort.

small kitchen design 2019, stylish colors for small kitchen design 2019

Pastel shades of blue, beige, milk, white are ideal solution for walls, ceiling and kitchen floor.

small kitchen design 2019, white kitchen in small kitchen design 2019

Kitchen in white with partial bright accents always looks stylish and fresh.

Often, designers use laconic contrasts, combining light and dark facades. It turns out effect of horizontal division of kitchen into two parts: at the top light, at the bottom dark.

small kitchen design 2019, stylish ideas for small kitchen design 2019

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