Popular kitchen colors 2019: fashionable shades for kitchen design in 2019

Kitchen is special place in every apartment, therefore this room should be not only practical and functional but also cozy, attractive. In 2019, everyone can choose among fashion trends in design that will correspond to general spirit of house, personal stylistic preferences. Main landmarks are comfort and expression of owner’s personality. Consider main trends in popular kitchen colors 2019!

popular kitchen colors 2019, top fashionable colors in kitchen design ideas 2019

Choice of popular kitchen colors 2019 is necessary, focusing on fashion on natural surfaces. Woody shades, namely colors of walnut, oak, ash will look trendy. Other natural colors are also actual: coffee, chocolate, olive, cream.

popular kitchen colors 2019, woody shades in popular kitchen colors 2019

If we talk about monochrome shades, then white background is unlikely to go out of fashion. Still actual for designers is contrasting combination of black and white colors.

popular kitchen colors 2019, black and white kitchen design 2019

Among colorful shades, you need to pay attention to yellow, cherry and bright blue, with which you can refresh space. It’s necessary to introduce them into interior of kitchen with some caution. Remember that colorful tones should serve as accent, not dominant tinge, otherwise they will irritate and tear eyes.


popular kitchen colors 2019, yellow kitchen, blue kitchen

After defining layout of kitchen, you can proceed with selection of fashionable color scheme. So look in specialized magazines, there are collected modern fashion ideas for popular kitchen colors 2019.

popular kitchen colors 2019, bright colors in popular kitchen colors 2019

Listen to yourself, whether comfortably you are surrounded by bright facades, or it’s better to pay attention to more reserved tones. Remember that even the most fashionable, modern trends may not suit you, as a result, such situation of kitchen threatens daily feeling of dissatisfaction with result, irritability, disharmony.


In popular kitchen colors 2019, trend is shade of red – Aurora Red (Red Aurora), presented in photo. Thus, it’s passionate, catchy, dynamic and will become central part of entire interior.

popular kitchen colors 2019, aurora red kitchen color 2019


Add summer colors. It’s certainly suitable for very bright natures, with strong, cheerful character, optimistic attitude to life. In photo, you can see great examples of competent use of bright orange color in interior of fashionable kitchen 2019.

popular kitchen colors 2019, stylish orange kitchen 2019


In 2019, trend is shade of Air Blue (airy blue). Name itself refers to relaxation, pacification, freshness, lightness. It will be suitable for interior of kitchen in Provence style.

popular kitchen colors 2019, stylish airy blue kitchen 2019


This color is mysterious, fashionable, noble. Such a set is difficult to imagine in small kitchen, but if it’s diluted with bright or light colors, it will acquire luxurious sensuality. So fashionable interior design of kitchen in black color can be found in presented photo.

popular kitchen colors 2019, black kitchen, gray kitchen


Basis of high-tech style! It will help create truly technological, fashionable interior. Also muted elegance allows you to add various relevant ornaments. And modern textile accessories, as in photo, will complement picture.

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