New kitchen designs 2019: best tips and ideas for kitchen 2019

2019 brings new trends in interior design. We see a triumphant return of wallpaper, an abundance of varnish surfaces, bright colors, more modest lamps, open surfaces, comfortable furniture in style of the 60s-70s. And yet, finally, as designers tell us, white kitchens will start surrendering their positions. Let’s get introduced with new kitchen designs 2019.

new kitchen designs 2019, best trends and ideas for kitchen 2019

It’s time to admit that closed kitchens are very comfortable.

We have become accustomed to the popularity of open kitchens.

However, today more and more homeowners prefer to be able to make kitchen an autonomous unit. It’s convenient: smells of fried onions or fish for someone seem very tempting, and others – annoying. In this project, kitchen sliding doors can be closed when cooking, and leave open, if there is such a desire.

new kitchen designs 2019, trendy closed kitchen design 2019

Another fashion trend of new kitchen designs 2019 is hinged doors, which also very successfully ensure privacy of room when cooking.

new kitchen designs 2019, hinged doors in new kitchen designs 2019

new kitchen designs 2019, black and white kitchen design 2019

A light wood is an eternal classic. White facades of kitchens have bothered. But facades of light wood are still at the height of fashion. They look good in any style.

new kitchen designs 2019, light wood in new kitchen designs 2019

New kitchen designs 2019: bold ideas

Two-tone cabinets are also in new kitchen designs 2019 trend. Especially fashionable look two-tone kitchen. Bright table tops and plum facades … Too bright?

Blue is one of popular hues in interior of 2019.

new kitchen designs 2019, two-tone cabinets in new kitchen designs 2019

And if you make a kitchen in a rustic style? Here, cabinets are painted in soft green color, and finish and countertops are made of natural wood.

Mix metals

Colors of kitchen equipment, sinks, handles of your lockers don’t necessarily have to match. Mix copper, matte nickel, bronze, brass, and satin. It’s very fashionable.

new kitchen designs 2019, mix metals in new kitchen designs 2019

Brass handles cabinets, utensils made of brass, cast iron, and stainless steel are able to give any kitchen a fleur of an old castle. The brick wall adds charm.

Fewer pendant lights

In new kitchen designs 2019, interior designers predict, a number of suspended lighting fixtures in our kitchens will be substantially reduced. A preferred option is the recessed lighting, which seems to disappear in ceiling.

new kitchen designs 2019, lighting ideas in new kitchen designs 2019

Put on the walls wallpaper or paint them in neutral tones. Wallpapers return to the interior of our houses and apartments. Give particular preference for large floral patterns.

If you still don’t like wallpaper in the flower, paint walls in neutral tones. By the way, beige is also trendy this season.

new kitchen designs 2019, wallpaper trends in new kitchen designs 2019

Kitchens are becoming smaller. There have come times when endless rows of kitchen cabinets have been fashionable. Today, small kitchens no longer frighten anyone. Functionality is still crucial. Just think about what you really need, and perhaps you will get rid of unnecessary costs for unnecessary massive additional countertops.

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