Moroccan kitchen: best stylish trends and ideas for Moroccan kitchen decor

Brightness and exoticism of Moroccan style make it very popular where natural colors are muffled. What features of style do you need to know to create a kitchen interior in this style? So let’s talk about how to make Moroccan kitchen.

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Moroccan kitchen: stylish trends

Moroccan kitchen has brightness, deliberate artlessness and man-madness.

Color palette of Moroccan kitchen decor

Basic colors of Moroccan style are natural shades of sand, sky, water, earth. Therefore, blue, white, ocher, terracotta, brick-red, corn-yellow, marsh green are in fashion.

Moroccan kitchen, Moroccan kitchen decor, stylish colors of Moroccan kitchen

But highlight of this style is in bright color accents and their bold combination. On neutral background, details are bright red, purple, emerald, orange. All these colors will perfectly fit in interior of kitchen, they will create warmth and comfort.

Since main feature of Moroccan style is use of geometric ornament, then style-forming element is a multi-color (at least three colors) pattern.

Moroccan kitchen, Moroccan kitchen decor, Moroccan style kitchen

In kitchen, patterns of Moroccan style can be placed on an apron, floor, textiles, dishes, interior items, but without it, you can’t create Moroccan-style kitchen.


Moroccan-style kitchen materials should also be natural. Thus here wood, stone, plastered walls are trendy. Often kitchen in Moroccan style has a floor of wide boards of natural wood or its imitation.

Moroccan kitchen, Moroccan kitchen decor, materials in Moroccan kitchen

Wooden ceilings or massive wooden beams, with lamps on chains look effectively.

For small quantities, forged elements are permissible, but they should not dominate interior of a kitchen.

Moroccan kitchen decor: trendy ideas

The most striking feature of Moroccan kitchen decor is mandatory use of ceramic tiles with ornaments, called zeligge. So this bright glazed ceramic tile usually has a small size, often one of four tiles fold one large, most often square, rapport of ornament. Drawing tiles should create impression of man-made, lines of ornament may be slightly worn out, not exactly even.

Moroccan kitchen, Moroccan kitchen decor, zellige tiles in Moroccan kitchen

Use tile finish for decoration of kitchen apron, walls, floor, it can be decorative inserts on furniture and window-sills. Most often, in Morocco style colored tile floors look perfect for kitchen.

Moroccan kitchen, Moroccan kitchen decor, tiles in Moroccan kitchen

Categorically unacceptable for this style of wallpaper, undesirable leather furniture, and glossy facades. All materials must create strong sense of naturalness and self-madness, they must be soft and atmospheric. Brand new professional kitchen interior is the worst enemy of Moroccan style. Here main thing is spirit of natural life, unity of man and nature, desire for sources.

Moroccan kitchen: stylish details

Furniture and facades made of wood are organic to Moroccan kitchen. Thus it is better to give preference to laconic models imitating simple homemade furniture.

Paint facades in low-key shades: prefer gray-green, bluish-gray, brown, blue, white.

Moroccan kitchen, Moroccan kitchen decor, furniture in Moroccan style

In Moroccan tradition, decorate kitchen interior in very bright colors. Also, achieve brightness through accessories.

Moroccan kitchen, Moroccan kitchen decor, accessories in Moroccan style

For Moroccan atmosphere it’s good to place ceramic and earthenware in kitchen on open shelves, simply glazed or with ornament. So effectively look Moroccan kitchen decor: a manress in form of Buddha’s hand with ornaments, a set of bright ceramic dishes, glassware with colored national pattern, handmade rug with ornaments, all this will create sunny atmosphere of Morocco.

Moroccan kitchen, Moroccan kitchen decor, decor ideas in Moroccan kitchen

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