Modern kitchens 2019: trends, tips and tricks for kitchen design 2019

The kitchen has long ceased to be exclusively the working area of each hostess. After all, in this place every evening family gather for dinner, drink tea with friends and discuss the news of the day. Therefore, this room should not only be functional but also filled with a special cozy atmosphere. So, what should we look for when planning the design of modern kitchens 2019? What color solution will be relevant? We’ll talk about this and much more right now.

modern kitchens 2019, fashion trends, tips and tricks for kitchen designs 2019

Modern kitchens 2019: fashion trends

Perhaps the main trend of modern kitchens 2019 is the use of environmentally friendly materials. This applies to everything that is needed for the repair and finishing of the kitchen. Of course, the cost of such materials is always higher, but this is justified. After all, despite the high cost, they will be safer for the health of your family.

modern kitchens 2019, fashion trends and tendencies of kitchen 2019

One of the most actual trends in the design of the kitchen is the availability of space and light. Also, we recommend paying attention to light furniture and a suitable finish for tone. But remember that storage cabinets should not be too much. Also, mirror and glossy surfaces are suitable for visual correction of the space. An excellent solution in this situation will be panoramic windows, due to which the kitchen will always have more light.

modern kitchens 2019, tips and tricks for kitchen design 2019

Modern kitchens 2019: trendy hues

As for the color scheme, in modern kitchens 2019 it changed its direction. Previously, designers recommended looking at the natural shades, both bright and more restrained. For example, white is a classic that is out of time in a trend. In addition, the different tones of this color allow you to visually make the room more, and this is an excellent solution for a small kitchen.

modern kitchens 2019, modern shades for kitchen design 2019

However, if this option seems too boring for you, then you can slightly expand the color gamut. That is, combine white with pastel or gray. It looks no less stylish and modern. Contrasting shades in the kitchen can still be used. However, we recommend that you choose not the classic black and white color. Look closely at different shades, such as graphite or dark gray, as well as milky, beige. Such combinations look no less spectacular and stylish.

modern kitchens 2019, trendy hues for kitchen interior design 2019

Very nice in the kitchen looks a combination of white with wooden texture. Many classify it as a classic, but nevertheless, it looks more refined.

modern kitchens 2019, fashionable wooden design of kitchen 2019

Modern kitchens 2019: design of a small kitchen

Planning a kitchen design of a small size is much more difficult. Pay attention to the color scheme, which will be relevant in modern kitchens 2019.

modern kitchens 2019, small kitchen interior design 2019

We recommend paying attention to furniture. It should not be too much so that the room doesn’t look excessively cluttered. Focus on the style of high-tech, oriental or modern. You can combine styles with each other and add interesting details to the interior. As already mentioned above, the right color scheme helps visually adjust the small kitchen. Therefore, light shades of beige, white or dairy are ideal for kitchen furniture.

modern kitchens 2019, trendy small kitchen interior design 2019

In 2019, interesting glass facades, as well as open shelves, will regain popularity. Another important point for small rooms is a well thought out storage system. Pay attention to the transforming sections, various additional working surfaces, and extendable structures. Give up too many protruding pens on furniture and intense decor.

modern kitchens 2019, fashionable design of small kitchen 2019

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