Modern kitchen design 2019: best trends, styles, colors for kitchen design

Mistresses often spend half their daytime in kitchen. Therefore, it is important that this place isn’t only functional, but also attractive. Today, there are no restrictions on design. On the contrary, creative, fresh ideas of unusual style combinations are always welcome. But still, in each season, there are certain trends. Let’s talk about modern kitchen design 2019 in more detail.

modern kitchen design 2019, best styles, colors and trends in kitchen design

Actual in modern kitchen design 2019  will be the following areas:

  1. Restraint and simplicity

This trend has become main reference point for clothing designers, makeup artists, hairdressers, and stylists a couple of years ago. In interior design, it appeared recently, but we can say with certainty that it will continue for a long time. No massive furniture, flashy accessories, and complex shapes.

modern kitchen design 2019, simplicity and ecology in kitchen design

  1. Ecological compatibility

Idea of a return to nature, use of natural materials is due to appearance of rhythm of life that has developed in metropolis. In the endless bustle and rush, you want a quiet harbor, which becomes kitchen.

  1. Light warm colors

modern kitchen design 2019, light warm colors in kitchen design

Beige, white, light cream, brown, black, gray palette remains at peak of popularity.

  1. Glass facades

In some styles, for example, hi-tech, glass is an essential attribute. But now its use has gone far beyond single direction.

modern kitchen design 2019, glass facades in kitchen design

  1. Matte surfaces

Most modern trends in world of interior design are developing along way of practicality. On the matte facades you can’t see spots like on glossy side, but of course, it’s much more difficult to wash dirt. Optimum is considered combination of matte and glossy elements of headset.

modern kitchen design 2019, matte surfaces in kitchen design

  1. Bar counter

Now this object has ceased to be an exclusive attribute of a bar or cafe. Because of its compactness, practicality, it migrated to modern kitchen design 2019.

modern kitchen design 2019, bar counter in kitchen design

Fashionable styles

Design of kitchen set should be in harmony with overall stylistic design of room. Among relevant today are:

  • Minimalism is simplicity and clarity of forms, minimum number of decorative elements, absence of complex, fanciful fittings. Colors are calm, monochrome. Main goal is maximum of free space. To achieve goal use multifunctional furniture and built-in appliances.

modern kitchen design 2019, minimalism style, modern style

  • Modernism will also please those who like restraint in detail but are not accustomed to monochrome. The use of bright colors is allowed. In decor, there are no ruffles, intricate patterns, complex shapes. On windows are suitable curtains-roller blinds, blinds, simple curtains without pattern and frills.

modern kitchen design 2019, hi-tech style, Provence style

  • Hi-tech will suit all lovers of metal, chrome parts, and glass in interior. Ideal proportions, clear, geometric shapes, ultra-modern built-in technology, not such a diverse range of colors, these are main components of this style.
  • Provence remains popular among lovers of home comfort. Aged furniture and decor elements, using only natural materials create special warm atmosphere. Provence resembles rustic style, so it allows you to feel unity with nature.

Modern kitchen design 2019: stylish materials, decors, and colors

Let’s see what modern kitchen design 2019 are in trend?


Furniture made of natural wood is in fashion. But its cost is quite high. In addition, it’s very massive and will be cumbersome in a small room.

An alternative could be:

  • Particleboard-the cheapest option, but also the least durable. Despite quality, it quickly deteriorates from high humidity.
  • MDF-it’s more advanced material. Special composition of protective coating improves moisture-proof properties and extends service life. MDF is also rich in color selection.

modern kitchen design 2019, particleboard, mdf materials in kitchen design


As noted above, modern trends in interior design recommend mainly basic colors and their shades: white, black, brown, gray. Bright elements are possible but under certain conditions.

For small rooms, light colors and monochrome are key to successful space optimization. But if side isn’t sunny, then you should avoid cold shades (blue, gray). Give preference to pastel peach, lilac, pale yellow.

modern kitchen design 2019, lilac color, gray color in kitchen design

In kitchen of medium and large quadrature, you can experiment with color combinations. Try to paint the opposite walls in contrasting colors or similar in color series shades. Main condition in choosing a palette is a combination of chosen design. Minimalism, high-tech, and loft welcome cold, basic tones. Modern and Provence allow warmth and moderate brightness.

Modern kitchen design 2019: convenient layout tips

Let’s see what convenient layout ways are trendy in modern kitchen design 2019.

Depending on area and layout, kitchen set can be placed in several ways.

  • The corner

This is the best option for small square room up to 10 sq.m. Angular arrangement is convenient in terms of functionality, it saves space. But for large and narrow kitchens, this option is not the most successful.

modern kitchen design 2019, corner layout, linear layout

  • Linear

This is a working surface in one row. This arrangement is suitable for narrow rooms, where possibility of establishing a corner set is limited due to the window on the opposite wall from entrance.

  • Double row

Arrangement of working surface in two rows parallel to each other is suitable for spacious rooms over 12 sq.m. For a large family, where several housewives, this option is convenient, because in kitchen there can be several people at once and not interfere with each other. For dining table, in this case, place is harder to find. It is best to provide for separate arrangement of dining room and work area in advance.

modern kitchen design 2019, double row layout, u-shaped layout

  • U-shaped

This way of positioning the headset is not suitable for a small room up to 12 sq.m. In this case, the placement of the dining area can be in one of the corners, or in the middle, if the quadrature allows.

Thus get inspired with our tips, tricks, modish trends, tendencies and colors for your kitchen design.

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