Modern kitchen 2019: top styles and colors for modern kitchen design

Kitchen is a favorite place for all members of family. And that atmosphere in this room was really cozy and comfortable worth paying close attention to its design. And before choosing one of options for finishing and decorating space of home cooking, you should familiarize yourself with peculiarities of fashion trends, as well as with advice of designers. In this article, we will look at a few tips on how to design modern kitchen 2019.

modern kitchen 2019, top styles and colors in modern kitchen 2019 design

Modern kitchen 2019: trendy styles and tips

Based on personal preferences, as well as layout and size of room, it is always necessary to decide on stylistics before starting repairs. In modern kitchen 2019 comfortable interiors with laconic and functional designs are in trend. So often designers advise to equip kitchen in style:

  • loft
  • high tech
  • minimalism
  • eco

modern kitchen 2019, loft style kitchen, high tech kitchen design

modern kitchen 2019, minimalist style kitchen, eco style kitchen design

At the same time, masters specify that each style can be diligently diluted with original ideas and complemented by objects made in a different style.

Modern interiors must necessarily be comfortable, functional and safe, so more often you can see rooms made in eco-style. To create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere in room, use natural environmentally friendly materials. So trendy design of kitchen 2019 boasts pleasant natural shades of brown, gray and green colors, as well as their skillful unification. It is noteworthy that all items in such a room are functional, fit well together and don’t clutter room.

In kitchen, made in eco-style, almost no massive furniture is used with a bizarre and complex decor, objects made of artificial materials, as well as made in unnatural bright shades are in fashion.

For finishing use materials such as:

  • a tree of different breeds
  • a natural stone
  • glass
  • ceramics.

Less often you can find metal products.

modern kitchen 2019, use of glass and ceramics in modern kitchen 2019 design

Modern kitchen 2019: stylish tips

To design modern kitchen 2019, made in style of eco, it looked complete and organic, it is not worth saving on technology. For installation, it is better to choose built-in models that meet requirements for energy efficiency and are functional. To create coziness in kitchen, executed in an eco-style, don’t forget about lighting.

So competently selected lighting equipment will allow you to visually divide space into functional areas and make them more comfortable. Zoning can also be skillfully selected materials for finishing ceiling, walls, and floor of different textures and shades.

modern kitchen 2019, zoning ideas for modern kitchen 2019 design

For those who prefer bright and dynamic solutions, don’t worry, because in 2019 eclecticism remains popular. So, to create a comfortable interior in kitchen, it is necessary to take as a base the style that is most like and simply supplement it with elements and objects from other styles. This solution allows you to fit interior to personal preferences and at the same time get a fashionable, comfortable and functional design.

modern kitchen 2019, eclecticism in modern kitchen 2019 trends

Especially stylish will look modern interior, complemented by 2-3 retro objects. This can be household appliances, lamps or aged furniture in dining area. It is important that they successfully combine with other elements and don’t create dissonance.

Modern kitchen 2019: choose a color

Choose the color

When decorating modern kitchen 2019, no matter what style it will be executed, it is worthwhile to carefully consider issue of color selection.

Universal white

In 2019, many designers suggest using a neutral white color. It fits seamlessly into modern and classical interiors and creates a spacious field for creativity of masters.

modern kitchen 2018, white kitchen in modern kitchen 2018 trend

Despite its versatility, white is not always practical, so it is better to dilute it with more saturated dark shades or complement with bright accents. Especially it is necessary to remember this when decorating the wall apron near the plate and sink, as well as working surfaces and a kitchen table.

Natural shades

Stylishly look kitchens with natural wood shades, as well as green, dairy, brown and gray. It is worth remembering that warm shades will fill room with heat, but at the same time make it visually less. To expand and fill it with light it is worth using cold, soft colors.

modern kitchen 2019, green kitchen, brown kitchen

modern kitchen 2019, gray kitchen design, beige kitchen design

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