Latest kitchen designs 2019: top 12 ideas for kitchen design 2019

The ideal kitchen should be comfortable, beautiful and cozy. We are talking about simple and universal ways to achieve such a result. Let’s see latest kitchen designs 2019.

latest kitchen designs 2019, top 12 ideas for kitchen design 2019

Latest kitchen designs 2019: trendy ideas

Let’s see what latest kitchen designs 2019 are in trend.

 Split space to zones

Kitchen is one of the most active rooms in the apartment. Therefore, in order that its space does not look chaotic, it is important to organize it correctly. The first step is to allocate working areas and a recreation area.

latest kitchen designs 2019, zoning ideas in latest kitchen designs 2019

Observe the rule of kitchen triangle

The main working areas of a kitchen are cooking area, washing zone, and storage area. To facilitate work process, they must be connected by a conventional triangle, tops of which are a plate, a sink, and a refrigerator.

 Take care of storage places

One of the most important criteria for a good cuisine is a well thought out storage system. Count all the supplies, appliances and utensils that need to be placed, and put in place an extra space in the system.

latest kitchen designs 2019, storage ideas in latest kitchen designs 2019

 Use open shelves

Open shelves give space to lightness and are therefore especially necessary in design of a small kitchen. You can’t be limited to one or two shelves. If the space between, above or below them is enough, safely place there a new shelf (and not one!).

latest kitchen designs 2019, open shelves in latest kitchen designs 2019

Latest kitchen designs 2019: modish ideas

Strengthen to minimalism

Minimalism is a synonym for style and high income. Yes, this interior direction is often chosen by the owners of huge houses and penthouses and it’s in latest kitchen designs 2019. But nothing prevents even owners of more modest apartments by using it in decoration. In this case, kitchen will look more refined.

latest kitchen designs 2019, stylish minimalism in latest kitchen designs 2019

Operate ceiling space

If kitchen is very small, it makes sense to use all free centimeters, including those that are high enough. There you can place, for example, rarely used kitchen utensils.

latest kitchen designs 2019, monochrome interior in latest kitchen designs 2019

Don’t be afraid of monochrome interior

There is a stereotype that space, decorated in one color, looks boring. This is not true. Of course, if you paint all four walls in an acid color, it will be difficult to be in them. But, for example, dominant white is more than a good solution. It always refreshes interior and visually expands room.

Moreover, even visually heavy black color can be appropriate in kitchen, if you dilute it with lighter details. By the way, black interior is one of the latest interior trends.

Experiment with brightness

Use bright colors in design of kitchen. If you correctly place accents, room will not look like a multi-colored madness, on the contrary, interior will become more stylish and individual.

latest kitchen designs 2019, brightness in latest kitchen designs 2019

Latest kitchen designs 2019: bold ideas

Add a little art

Who said that in kitchen there is only space for inexpensive accessories and practical things? So you can perfectly make this space more refined, placing pictures or sculptures in it. Especially appropriate, they will look in a dining area. It’s also in latest kitchen designs 2019 trends.

latest kitchen designs 2019, pictures on walls in latest kitchen designs 2019

Don’t forget about decor

Accessories are another way to bring individuality to your kitchen. Choose objects that are in harmony with general style of space and with each other, and interior immediately acquires a character and a finished look.

 Say yes to bold combinations

Modern interior design is built on daring and unexpected combinations. Also, if you want your kitchen to look beautiful and fresh, without fear mix different materials and shapes.

For example, now it is appropriate to use different metals at the same time: steel, bronze, copper, and others.

The connection of different materials in floor covering, for example, tiles and laminate, is another popular technique.

latest kitchen designs 2019, bold combination of styles and materials in latest kitchen designs 2019

Green space

Indoor plants and bouquets of fresh flowers enliven any interior, kitchen is no exception.

latest kitchen designs 2019, plants in latest kitchen designs 2019

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