Kitchen renovation ideas 2019: top 10 stylish ideas for kitchen design 2019

When there is neither strength nor means of repair, and it’s very desirable to refresh kitchen, these simple and quick ways will help. Some of them will make space not only beautiful but also more comfortable. Let’s find out kitchen renovation ideas 2019.

kitchen renovation ideas 2019, top 10 stylish ideas for kitchen design 2019

Kitchen renovation ideas 2019: trendy ideas

Unusual sink

In order to reinstall kitchen sink, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and time. Designers made a kitchen in style of fisherman’s house, and, apparently,  sink is one of two outstanding objects in this room. The second is a thematic table. It’s one of trendy kitchen renovation ideas 2019.

kitchen renovation ideas 2019, stylish sink in kitchen design 2019


Designers began to gradually abandon bar counters in the apartments. Firstly, because this is often not the best way to use free space, and secondly, bar can’t replace traditional table.

kitchen renovation ideas 2019, fashionable table upholstery

But the window sill is a space that often goes unnoticed, whereas an improvised table in its place can transform a room much better than a traditional dining group.

Pictures on walls

Yes, it is permissible to decorate walls not only in living room. Relevant images or, conversely, bold decisions will make interior of kitchen much more interesting.

kitchen renovation ideas 2019, pictures on kitchen wall

Wall decoration is generally a universal way to make room complete, so you should not be afraid. Buy and hang a picture, it’s easy and fast.

Kitchen renovation ideas 2019: stylish ideas

Kitchen apron from unusual tile

Today almost every person can put a tile on a wall, this does not require special knowledge. Therefore, we propose to dilute kitchen design with an interesting apron. Hexagonal tiles with juicy green color motivate the interior and are in kitchen renovation ideas 2019.

kitchen renovation ideas 2019, stylish cup supplies, stylish tiles

 Non-standard cup supplies

The style is seen in small things, and often, when you want to quickly transform kitchen, it’s worth starting with small things, such as cup holders. Unusual accessories will make every meal more pleasant.

Bright chairs

Designers say that most customers are afraid of color: it’s easier to choose white, beige, gray scale. But just such an interior can quickly get bored. Bright chairs and a picture in the tone is a quick and easy way to transform the interior.

kitchen renovation ideas 2019, bright chairs in kitchen design 2019

kitchen renovation ideas 2019, bright chairs, folding table

Folding table

Most importantly, such furniture for small kitchens, but, even if space allows, working surface can”t be superfluous, especially when it looks even stylish. In addition, such a solution will allow a small rearrangement, and a change in the usual arrangement of furniture, even without any new details, is already a transformation of the interior.

Kitchen renovation ideas 2019: modish ideas

Board with notices

A board with notes – cork, slate or marker – is familiar to many on American films and serials. It changes kitchen, makes it friendlier. This is one of marvelous kitchen renovation ideas 2019.

kitchen renovation ideas 2019 board with notices, open shelves

Open shelves with a vessel with one style

Earlier, dishes and loose products were hidden in cabinets for a simple reason – to find in the stores the same beautiful jars or cups was not an easy task. But today everything has changed, and simple transparent cans with nice inscriptions will decorate your kitchen. In addition, they are really more convenient to store products than in plastic bags.

Replace cumbersome closed cabinets on open shelve. It’s a good idea for a kitchen of any size, this will make the interior visually airier.

kitchen renovation ideas 2019, painted facades in kitchen headset

 Painted facades of kitchen headset

Those who have a spare day and a desire to change their kitchen without large investments can simply paint the headset. Choose a paint, based on the material of facade, of course, it does not lie on the gloss, it should be prepared beforehand. Add the simplest countertop and sink – and a new, beautiful kitchen is ready.

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