Kitchen remodel ideas 2019: best colors and styles for kitchen remodeling

Interiors of apartments can differ significantly from each other. Different number of rooms, presence or absence of a balcony, a dressing room, separate bath, and toilet or a combined bathroom: variations are endless. But there is one room, without which you can hardly imagine a full-fledged housing, of course, it’s about kitchen. Here we not only prepare food, store food but also accept food, communicate with relatives at a common table. So kitchen should be both practical and cozy.

Design of kitchen 2019 is distinguished by functionality and variety of possible stylistic solutions. And ergonomics and originality reflecting identity of owners are put in the forefront. We will talk about kitchen remodel ideas 2019.

kitchen remodel ideas 2019, top styles ans colors for kitchen remodeling

Fashion trends in kitchen remodel ideas 2019 is marked by naturalness, eco-friendliness, and restraint. Kitchen 2019 should be as spacious as possible. Give preference to clear concise forms that don’t overload space. It is better to abandon massive furniture, abundance of decor.

kitchen remodel ideas 2019, finishing materials in kitchen design 2019

As for finishing materials, stone, ceramics, glass, natural wood, metal are suitable. On what exactly you should not save, it’s on household appliances. Built-in hob, oven, microwave, refrigerator, food processor and other appliances must comply with the latest technical achievements.

kitchen remodel ideas 2019, zoning space in kitchen design 2019

An important point is zoning of space. For this purpose, you can use materials of different textures, color play, lighting. Lighting generally has an important role, there must be a lot of light. And lighting devices must match style of kitchen as a whole.

kitchen remodel ideas 2019, furniture trends in kitchen remodel ideas 2019

Rule number one: furniture should not be much. Working surface, several lockers, a dining table, chairs just something you can’t do without. But at the same time furniture should be comfortable and functional.

It is desirable that furniture was made of natural materials. Although if kitchen is in high-tech style, then use of plastic will be perfect.

kitchen remodel ideas 2019, lighting ideas for kitchen design 2019

Kitchen remodel ideas 2019: trendy colors

If area allows, try to do without hinged cabinets in kitchen remodel ideas 2019, a horizontal layout will make your kitchen stylish. Fashionable feature is glass facades. They can be transparent, matte, decorated in form of colored stained glass. Simple open shelves will also be good.

Choice of fashionable colors for decorating kitchen dictates same principle of naturalness. Therefore all colors of wood are relevant: alder, ash, walnut, oak. Perfectly fit into natural concept of restrained milk, coffee, chocolate, olive. Still in trend is a noble gray palette. Game on the contrast of white and black is also in fashion.

kitchen remodel ideas 2019, trendy colors in kitchen remodel 2019

Decorate kitchen in one color scheme, but use shades of different intensity. You will get a refined and original version. Among bright colors, it is worth paying attention to blue, cherry red, yellow. However, be careful, a bright color should play role of an accent, and not dominate, otherwise it will be tiring.

Choosing a color solution for kitchen, consider peculiarity of premises, because light colors will help to visually expand the space. Warm ones will give comfort, and cold ones will make the kitchen more rigorous.

Kitchen remodel ideas 2019: current styles of design

In kitchen remodel ideas 2019 the most popular are styles that gravitate towards minimalism: modern, high-tech, eastern. High-tech is suitable for lovers of modern technologies. It has a minimal amount of furniture and textiles, almost complete lack of decor of glass abundance. Finishing uses modern synthetic materials, glass, chrome-plated metal. Non-standard futuristic forms are trendy.

kitchen remodel ideas 2019, high-tech style, eastern style kitchen

Eastern style, by contrast, is very supportive of use of decor and textiles, but in moderate quantities, every detail must be thought out. Do not forget that the eastern style has many varieties: if for kitchen in the Arab style silk cushions on the seats and wrought copper dishes are quite suitable. Then for Japanese, it is worth to buy modest bamboo mats and exquisite porcelain. It is suitable for those who appreciate simplicity in combination with originality. Asymmetry, non-standard forms, flowing lines, glossy surfaces, floral ornaments, bold color accents. All these signs of style open up space for creative experiments.

kitchen remodel ideas 2019, trendy styles of kitchen remodel ideas 2019

For those who prefer romance and coziness, you can recommend a rustic-style kitchen, such as Provence. Provence is home-like and warm. Antique or artificially aged furniture, ceramic tiles, masonry, rough plaster and ceiling beams in combination with flax or cotton floral curtains and clay decorative utensils remain relevant in 2019.

kitchen remodel ideas 2019, modern style kitchen ideas 2019

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