Kitchen ideas 2019: top styles and colors for kitchen designs in 2019


Modern ideas for kitchen design are so diverse that it’s easy to get lost in their quantity. It’s a kind of ritual place to decorate with special love and thoroughness, thinking over every little thing. You need to know latest trends of kitchen ideas 2019 in order to make kitchen not only convenient but also beautiful and useful.

kitchen ideas 2019, top trends, best colors and tips for kitchen designs 2019

Kitchen ideas 2019: zoning space

Although kitchen is often not the biggest room in apartment, you should try to use space as much as possible. How to create all amenities, and withal to find more space? We will help with our kitchen ideas 2019 tips and tricks.

kitchen ideas 2019, zoning space ideas in kitchen trends 2018

Primarily, determine what devices and household appliances you need in kitchen in the first place. Look at ready-made ideas for kitchen designs 2019, this will give a preliminary idea of what you need. It’s necessary to set working area competently, so as not to run kilometers, moving from sink to refrigerator, and then to stove. Therefore, stove, work table, and sink should be next to each other.

kitchen ideas 2019, small kitchen design ideas 2019

A table for eating can be placed slightly to one side. It’s better to combine kitchen with warmed balcony. In this case, you can make working room in kitchen, and lunch on balcony. Think about number of shelves and lockers. There should be many, but not enough to clutter whole room. Don’t try to push a lot of household appliances into small kitchen, which is not so much needed there. For example, place washing machine in bathroom.

Kitchen ideas 2019: style selection

So what are the most sought-after kitchen ideas 2019 trends at the moment?

First of all, you need to remember about convenience, and preferences of family. Don’t try to combine incompatible, even for sake of economy. If you are a fan of antiquity, make interior in this model, acquiring everything else already in this cupboard. But to look among ultramodern furniture it will be quite ridiculous. Therefore, be sure to think not only about style but also about harmony.

kitchen ideas 2019, country style in kitchen designs 2019

Country style

Very interesting design, where everything in room is made with use of natural materials, processed deliberately rough. Getting into such kitchen, you immediately realize how our distant ancestors lived. Don’t assume that it is uncomfortable because modern idea of kitchen trends 2019 in this perspective is carefully thought out. All at the same time is immensely handy and functional, although at first glance it may seem not so. For lovers of everything natural, this design of kitchen is very suitable.

kitchen ideas 2019, high tech style in kitchen trends 2019

High tech

It’s exact opposite of village style. There is a minimum of excess, all extremely technogenic, a lot of metal, shiny objects and sharp lines.

Kitchen ideas 2019: trendy styles and wallpapers

Let’s see what styles and kitchen ideas 2019 are offered.


It differs even more ascetic in all details. Here everything is extremely simple but also simultaneously practical.

kitchen ideas 2019, minimalism style in kitchen designs 2019

Classic style, Rococo, Baroque

We distinguish these styles by deliberate pretentiousness. Delicate finishes, bent legs of furniture, rich accessories are the accents of these styles. This is for those who love antiquities and everything related to it.

kitchen ideas 2019, rococo style, classic style in kitchen trends 2019

Ethnic as well as combined style

This is a soft combination of different directions. Often you can see photos of kitchens in national style. This is a completely ethnic or partially combined manner.

kitchen ideas 2019, ethnic style in kitchen trends 2019

Choose wallpaper for kitchen

Designers recommend choosing color of wallpaper in accordance with color of furniture. To achieve color harmony in kitchen, choose wallpaper for a couple of tones lighter or, conversely, brighter than color of furniture so that they don’t merge. Another option is possible: color scheme of wallpaper corresponds to only one individual element of interior, and remaining colors successfully supplement it. Working area in the kitchen gets dirty very quickly, so pick up easily washable wallpaper for it.

kitchen ideas 2019, washable wallpaper in kitchen designs 2019

Kitchen ideas 2019: combination of hues in design

It is best to choose tranquil hot hues and materials of natural origin for decorating kitchen. Natural wood color in 2019 kitchen trends looks appropriate. It’s in kitchen ideas 2019 trend.

kitchen ideas 2019, trendy colors in kitchen designs 2019

White kitchen design

White kitchens are becoming more popular every day, because with help of this color and a few bright details you can radically change the look of interior. Decor of cheerful saturated colors will help to dilute white room, make it alive and cheerful. White is perfect for rooms of any size: it visually expands small rooms, and large ones make air and even more solemn.

kitchen ideas 2019, white kitchen in kitchen designs 2019

Gray interior isn’t boring, but noble

Gray color should be strictly dosed in interior, and in kitchen designers generally, don’t recommend. Alas, supporters of this stereotype disappointed: designers actively use all kinds of shades of gray for design of kitchen interiors, and it looks not at all faceless and completely not boring.

kitchen ideas 2019, grey kitchen design in kitchen trends 2019

Kitchen ideas 2019: other shades

Refined pistachio

Especially should be noted popularity of green shades in kitchen ideas 2019, in particular, pistachio. This shade looks perfect with natural materials and light colors and is rightfully considered one of the most appealing and pleasing to the eye. In kitchen designs 2019  it can be used in any quantity: pistachio color doesn’t irritate, but on the contrary, pacifies and, in addition, visually expands space.

kitchen ideas 2019, pistachio kitchen design in kitchen ideas 2019

It is clear that this review isn’t a categorical instruction, but only a set of useful tips, applying which you will not be lost in a variety of all proposals. Stick to fashion, but do not follow it blindly. Think first and foremost about your comfort, then you will create perfect kitchen.

We hope you liked our article and it should assist you in choice of kitchen interior design.

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