Kitchen designs 2019: stylish ideas and shades in kitchen trends 2019

A kitchen is a special place where we not only cook and eat but most importantly we communicate with relatives. That’s why the kitchen just needs to be cozy and ergonomic. We already know what kitchen designs 2019 trends will reign.

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In the kitchen designs 2019, functionality and comfort are important, but not least, the interior should convey the personality of its owner.

Designers in the new season are betting on environmental friendliness and naturalness, which means that in fashion simple clear and concise forms that will visually make any room more spacious. Therefore, designers advise you to give up a lot of decors and massive ornate furniture.

kitchen designs 2019, fashionable trends of modern kitchen 2019

The finish will be ideal for natural stone and wood, glass, metal, and ceramics. Also, designers don’t advise you to save on the built-in technique. If possible, try to match all modern trends and be maximally multifunctional.

kitchen designs 2019, modern kitchen zoning tips and tricksZoning kitchen: this is very important, and you can make it using different textures and colors, light and decoration materials. Light, by the way, in the kitchen should be a lot. It is necessary as a general upper lighting, and additional zonal.

Kitchen designs 2019: furniture for the kitchen

Planning a modern kitchen, you need to take into account that the furniture in it should be at a minimum: only what is really needed. And if the design of the kitchen is not in the style of high-tech, it is best to choose furniture in the kitchen only from natural materials.

kitchen designs 2019, kitchen furniture from natural materials

For small kitchens, it is recommended to use transformable sections: all kinds of cargo, pull-out baskets and additional working surfaces that will allow you to squeeze out a maximum of space. Ideal ergonomic furniture with multifunctional storage systems is in kitchen designs 2019 trend.

kitchen designs 2019, ergonomic furniture for kitchen 2019

If possible, give up hinged cabinets, this looks stylish, and significantly off-loads space. Glass facades and laconic open shelves are very fashionable now.

kitchen designs 2019, open shelves design, glass facade solution

Kitchen designs 2019: fashionable colors

As for color, we are guided by the same criteria of naturalness: ideal wood surfaces, as well as the palette of green, dairy and coffee tones, are in kitchen designs 2019. But don’t forget about the grayscale, from pearl white to gray-graphite.

kitchen designs 2019, kitchen in green tones, kitchen in coffee tones

The room looks great in one color scheme but in a gradation of shades. If you want brightness, then use it only as an accent. Remember that a warm color palette gives coziness, but hardly abridges space, but the cold tones expand!

kitchen designs 2019, modern kitchen 2019 in bright tones

Reigning decades in kitchens, white color recedes! More and more people prefer to abandon absolutely white kitchen surfaces, preferring to combine black and white.

kitchen designs 2019, trendy kitchen in black and white tones

Let’s see how long this fashion will last. Let’s be glad that the black fits well with different colors. However, let’s not forget that white kitchens are also staying in fashion: they are still one of the most relevant.

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