Kitchen design ideas 2019: superior styles, trends for kitchen remodeling

Fashion trends that constantly replace each other include not only change of wardrobe, but also renovation of colors of interior of your house. Modern kitchen shouldn’t be exception in this respect either. In fact, it’s the most multi-functional room that collects all family members at common table and in 2019 this rule is no exception. Let’s speak about kitchen design ideas 2019.

kitchen design ideas 2019, top styles and trends for kitchen remodeling

Kitchen is impeccable balance between man’s preferences and modern fashion trends. Using direction of one of styles discussed below, you can transform already bored interior of kitchen, make it attractive, comfortable.

kitchen design ideas 2019, industrial style kitchen 2019

Industrial style (loft)

Don’t overload modern kitchen in industrial style with redundant decor. So this style is quite simple for kitchen design ideas 2019. Kitchen in loft style assumes:

  • concrete or brick walls, create it using decorative brick or relief plaster
  • plank floor and ceiling
  • rough wooden or metal furniture
  • beams, pipes for decoration
  • presence of metal is necessary.

kitchen design ideas 2019, stylish loft kitchen design

You can use bright colors in interior to accent kitchen, decorate it in woody, metalized or gray-white color palette.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style has become popular due to harmony and light, it has light, clean colors. So create kitchen won’t be difficult if you follow certain rules and principles of this direction:

  • use of light, better white, tones in design, which you can dilute with decor elements
  • kitchen should be light (transparent curtains, artificial and natural lighting, etc.)
  • use of natural finishing materials, mainly wood and wood furniture
  • practical interior.

kitchen design ideas 2019, Scandinavian style kitchen

Also, on balcony and cupboards, you can place flowers.

Kitchen design ideas 2019: shaker style and metal objects

Simplicity, practicality, and functionality are distinctive features of style such as shaker. Fashionable kitchen in shaker style is old painted cupboards, aged beams, neutral design colors and simple cotton curtains on windows. For decoration of facade, you can use colors from white to soft blue.

kitchen design ideas 2019, stylish shaker kitchen

Metal objects in kitchen

Kitchen decorated with metallic elements became fashionable at the end of 2018. Trend of using shades of chromium, gold, silver, bronze, and copper is used to create more luxurious interior. Thus, mixers of necessary shades, copper lampshades, gilded dishes are elements that will help create interior of kitchen of rare beauty.

kitchen design ideas 2019, metal objects in kitchen design 2019

Kitchen design ideas 2019: environmentally friendly materials

For finishing ceiling you can use such environmentally friendly materials as wood panels, chalk whitewash, and water-based paint. Thus you can decorate walls of kitchen with wallpaper, kinds of which are very many now. Thus you can lay ceramic tiles or paint with water-based paint.

kitchen design ideas 2019, wallpaper design in kitchen ideas 2019

Attention should be given to choice of adhesive for wallpaper or tiles. So it should not contain harmful substances, such as acetone, phenol and the like.

kitchen design ideas 2019, use of eco materials in kitchen design 2019

On floor you can put following eco-materials: ceramic tiles, parquet, laminate, natural stone.

Choosing kitchen furniture, give preference to wood. So worktops can be made of glass, stone, marble.

kitchen design ideas 2019, use of wood in kitchen design 2019

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