Kitchen decor ideas 2019: top trends and tips for kitchen decor 2019

Traditionally the most popular place in the house is the kitchen. We will present to your attention kitchen decor ideas 2019.

kitchen decor ideas 2019, top trends and tips for kitchen decor ideas 2019

Kitchen decor ideas 2019: stylish ideas

Let’s consider stylish kitchen decor ideas 2019.

Organization of storeroom

A well-organized and beautifully looking pantry can become as attractive in kitchen decor as any other part of kitchen.

Careful organization of space and a few personal touches will make this place your favorite in the kitchen.

kitchen decor ideas 2019, stylish storeroom in kitchen design 2019

Modestly and beautifully

Cosmetic repair of kitchen set will help you save your time and money. Also, do not be afraid of open kitchen shelves, cause on them you can place beautiful utensils or kitchen utensils that you collect.

kitchen decor ideas 2019, stylish shelves in kitchen design 2019

Kitchen collections

To show your collection in all its glory you can abandon part of closed shelves. Also, it is important that your collection is combined in color with kitchen.

Stainless steel shelves

Urban and not a lot of restaurant style your house will add stainless shelves. They can accommodate all dishes, including plates and kitchen appliances.


Kitchen apron mosaic will add a kitchen of country charm and will be an excellent decoration of work area.

kitchen decor ideas 2019, mosaic apron in kitchen decor ideas 2019

Vintage items

Charm of your kitchen will add a decor in style of Provence, as well as vintage details. So these can be antique glasses or hooks for towels.

kitchen decor ideas 2019, vintage style in kitchen decor ideas 2019

Kitchen decor ideas 2019: modish ideas

Consider other kitchen decor ideas 2019.

Elegant harmony

Combination of new technology with classic kitchen facades can be an interesting combination. In this case, you need to pay attention to fittings and how it is combined with kitchen appliances.

kitchen decor ideas 2019, combination of styles in kitchen decor ideas 2019

Kitchen shelves

Shelves in kitchen can also become part of kitchen decor. This can help beautiful wicker baskets, glass or plastic jars. Place what you use most often on the front shelves at eye level. It will also be easier to break down all products and accessories by type.

Entrance to the pantry

Who said that all stocks and kitchen utensils should be stored in closed shelves or behind closed storage pantry? But the front door can also be designed in an original way. Yes, and painted it in a bright color. Of course, one should not forget that all contents of pantry will be visible to everyone.

kitchen decor ideas 2019, stylish kitchen door design

Records board

One of ideas is a use of kitchen door as such a board. It turns out both conveniently and functionally.

Everything new is a well-forgotten old

Use of old cupboards for dishes is suitable for an interior in style of shabby chic. Of course, this kitchen furniture will need to be supported by other elements of decor in the same style.

Kitchen decor ideas 2019:  other voguish ideas

Worktop, sink, and floor

The best classical solution in kitchen decor ideas 2019 will be choice of granite countertops. This is a natural material, it will be much easier to take care of such a table top.

Sink should be roomy and deep. The best option will be a double sin: one of them will be able to place dirty dishes.

As for floor the best option for kitchen, where you often need to clean, it’s tile.

kitchen decor ideas 2019, stylish sink in kitchen decor ideas 2019

Kitchen table

It can be interesting photos or pictures above the table. Also, it’s a great place to place a board with notes or reminders.

Well, and if this desk will be used as your workplace, boxes in the desk will definitely not interfere with you.

French doors

Use French doors to separate kitchen space from the rest of rooms. This will help to minimize noise from cooking, keeping space light and spacious.

kitchen decor ideas 2019, french door in kitchen decor ideas 2019


For those lucky people who can afford a great solution will be a pantry located in neighborhood. So this option is very ergonomic, there will be more storage space! Here you can store everything from stock cereals and ending with services and kitchen utensils, which is not used so often.

Interior of small things

Add individuality to your kitchen with help of your dearest little things: vases with flowers, a bright tablecloth. Decor items will help make your kitchen warmer.

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