Kitchen colors 2019: top colors and hues for kitchen interior design 2019

Everyone knows how important when kitchen in an apartment or house is practical, comfortable and functional. As far as technical progress and catering system go, this room will not lose its relevance and will always be a favorite gathering place for the whole family. We want to discuss kitchen colors 2019 trends.

kitchen colors 2019, stylish colors and hues in kitchen colors 2019 trend

Kitchen colors 2019: trendy shades

Desire of modern people for naturalness in all has left its imprint on fashionable color solutions of 2019 season.

Interior designers recommend giving their preference in kitchen colors 2019 to fresh colors, for example, tan and dark yellow, coffee and chocolate, which blend well with neutral white, gray and graphite color. Colorful cuisine will also be in vogue, but they should have the most smooth forms.

kitchen colors 2019, dark yellow kitchen, gray kitchen

The most simple and universal color solution will be its design in several shades of the same color. However, it is important to remember that walls and tabletop should be slightly darker than rest furniture. Otherwise, everything will merge, irritate visual perception and bring negative.

kitchen colors 2019, fashionable ombre kitchen

When creating fashionable modern interiors, designers often use combinations of several opposite colors at once. Excellent bright light furniture looks good against a background of dark tiles or wallpaper. If dark walls don’t fit into your understanding of a cozy kitchen, you can choose opposite color scheme, namely, choose a kitchen set in dark calm colors and light wall decoration.

kitchen colors 2019, fashionable bright kitchen design 2019

When kitchen space allows, you can turn to a wider palette of colors. By the way, this year is particularly popular in interior of a delicate terracotta, deep blue and noble green. Herbaceous color will create a mood of fashionable eco-style.

kitchen colors 2019, trendy terracotta kitchen design 2019

Kitchen colors 2019: stylish hues

White is the most versatile and rich color in kitchen colors 2019. With it, design of kitchen will not be difficult: it will expand space. Absolutely white room has already gone out of fashion, but dilute color with woody hues or bright accents now at the peak of popularity.

kitchen colors 2019, stylish white kitchen in kitchen colors 2019 trend

In the new season, preference is given to neutral shades, universal colors predominate variations of gray, beige, black and white. You can dilute bright red, yellow, purple. It is fashionable to use unusual shades: tan, dark yellow, chocolate. In the trend, a combination of bright colors, which makes interior fresh.

Fashion includes bright headsets, combining two colors: neutral at the lower facades, bright at the top. You can use bright colors in design of walls.

kitchen colors 2019, neutral colors in kitchen design 2019

Palette can be both cold and warm. It is important to observe harmony, don’t overload interior with color, pay attention to the room parameters before starting repairs. Predominance of cold tones can be mitigated by multi-tier lighting, built-in lamps.

Kitchen colors 2019: other modish shades

Universal reception: decorating kitchen in shades of the same color is in kitchen colors 2019 trend. Those elements don’t merge into one mass, you need to use light and dark colors: contrast creates character, helps to perceive interior as an integral composition. Elegantly looks dark gray or milk monochrome cuisine.

kitchen colors 2019, metaliic colors in kitchen colors 2019


The coating should be monophonic, without large catchy drawings. Metallic shades, chrome surfaces of matte color become popular.

Predominance of white in design of kitchen doesn’t go out of fashion. It becomes a wonderful background for decor elements, gives interior airiness, combined with any colors. Special comfort to white kitchen will be given by wood textures, make it soft and organic.


kitchen colors 2019, stylish ideas in kitchen colors 2019

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