Kitchen color trends 2019: Top shades for kitchen interior in 2019

Color role in interior is enormous. What trendy colors are kitchen trend, so that breakfasts, lunches, and dinners brought only positive emotions? So let’s consider kitchen color trends 2019.

kitchen color trends 2019, top colors for kitchen interior design 2019

Black kitchen

Black will help to maximize concentration. However, be careful and yet dilute this strong color with light elements. Black matte is in kitchen color trends 2019.

kitchen color trends 2019, black matte color in kitchen color trends 2019

You probably know that light colors visually expand space. Therefore, if your kitchen is small, it is best not to use dark shades in interior. But in order to avoid boredom, give preference to furniture items and accessories of bright color.

kitchen color trends 2019, gray kitchen, beige kitchen

Red kitchen

Red cuisine is an option for brave. This color stimulates appetite, which is welcomed in this space. However, kitchen of strawberry color is absolutely not suitable for those people who are on a diet.

kitchen color trends 2019, red kitchen, yellow kitchen

Yellow kitchen

Positive yellow color is often used in design of kitchen. It really creates a warm atmosphere and makes room cozy.

Blue Kitchen

Blue creates a feeling of freshness in kitchen. You will definitely feel at ease. However, keep in mind that this color reduces appetite.

Cold tones are also in kitchen color trends 2019.

If in your kitchen is bright furniture, then walls should be in quiet colors. This rule works and vice versa. Furniture and tile tone in tone in kitchen is a classic option that will always be relevant. You definitely will not lose!

kitchen color trends 2019, cold tones in kitchen color trends 2019

Consider direction of natural light. If kitchen window is on sunny side, choose light colors. In opposite case, you should prefer bright shades.

kitchen color trends 2019, warm tones in kitchen color trends 2019

If main color in kitchen is an intense color, you can dilute it. This is achieved by using tiles or metal in decoration of the apron.

To create a harmonious interior, you can use colors that are adjacent to the color wheel. For example, orange, yellow and green. Remember that colors sound different in different textures. So, gloss enhances saturation, and matte surface muffles color.

An excellent option is use of bright textiles in white kitchen. Curtains, towels, potholders of intense color will become a bold accent in your kitchen.

You can choose following option: kitchen in a calm color scheme, plus a lot of bright colors. You can constantly adjust color fullness of space and this trend is in kitchen color trends 2019.

kitchen color trends 2019, white kitchen in kitchen color trends 2019

Extravagant colors

Also purple, lilac, pink, bright blue and yellow color is trendy.

kitchen color trends 2019, bright blue kitchen, yellow kitchen design

Brightness and calmness

It is best to choose a kitchen set of calm shade if your walls are painted in bright colors. Then your room will be harmonious.

Don’t decorate floor and ceiling, using same color, this will visually reduce volume of kitchen. Apply different colors in design of these surfaces.

kitchen color trends 2019, lilac kitchen, pink kitchen

Select different color for different functional areas of kitchen. Proper use of this technique will allow you to visually expand space and correct shortcomings of the layout.

Multicolor cuisine is an option for creative natures. However, when creating such a colorful interior, remember that it is best to combine in space not more than five shades.

kitchen color trends 2019, stylish bold ideas for kitchen interior design

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