Kitchen color schemes 2019: TOP TRENDY color combinations for KITCHEN design

Combination of colors in interior of kitchen can’t be placed in clear boundaries and rules. If you don’t want to change color palettes regularly (although this is also possible with little expense), you should choose the most appropriate color combination. Let’s find out kitchen color schemes 2019.

kitchen color schemes 2019, top trendy color combinations for kitchen design 2019

Kitchen color schemes 2019: trendy ideas

Hues of main color will add to room expressiveness, and predominance of three or more colors will cause discomfort and greatly strain eyes.

Always in trend classic combination of black and white-red, dilute it with gray tones and shades of primary colors.

Monochrome interiors are very popular in kitchen color schemes 2019. Traditionally, light shades are suitable for visual expansion of small kitchens, and dark colors add expressiveness and depth of color, as well as somewhat hide disproportionate size.

kitchen color schemes 2019, black and red kitchen, white and red kitchen

Kitchen in flower style is designed taking into account following nuances: large picture will allow to visually expand small room, and small one narrows and make home-like cozy.

kitchen color schemes 2019, kitchen in flower style

One-color kitchen

When decorating single-colored interior, one basic color and its shades are used. Despite seeming simplicity, there are also many pitfalls.

Nuances of monochrome kitchen: the more shades of dominant color used in design, the more impressive result will be. In monochrome interior, give more expressiveness with several contrasting details.

kitchen color schemes 2019, one color kitchen 2019

Texture of materials will help avoid monotony: completely identical colors on different surfaces look differently, so if you experiment with matte, glossy and relief planes, you will get absolutely stunning effect.

Kitchen color schemes 2019: stylish tips

Three-color cuisine

We will use combination of three colors. Independently this decision will make it more difficult than monochrome design.

Combinations of tones for three-color interior:

blue, yellow, red;

pink, blue, lemon;

orange, purple, green;

lime, lilac, peach.

kitchen color schemes 2019, three color kitchen design 2019

Contrasting cuisine

One of spectacular and stylish types of design is contrasting method of decorating rooms, in particular, kitchen.

kitchen color schemes 2019, contrast color kitchen 2019

Using opposite colors, you should carefully check compatibility to immediately understand what kitchen will look like in reality. Usually, one of colors is basis, and the second will act as shade, while choosing colors opposite in spectrum.

This combination can be pretty boring, so, you can provide for further replacement, for its auxiliary color, use in accessories: curtains, carpets or wallpaper. Examples of complementary colors, giving harmonious combination:

blue and orange;

blue and peach;

purple and yellow;

green and pink.

kitchen color schemes 2019, blue and orange kitchen, yellow and purple kitchen

Contrasting kitchen will be combination of classic black or white with any bright tint.

Kitchen color schemes 2019: trendy tips and tricks

First of all, you should not abuse color palette: one main and two or three auxiliary colors are enough. If you want a variety, buy colorful curtains, which you can later successively replace. To dilute overly variegated interior, it’s best to use neutral white color.

kitchen color schemes 2019, stylish kitchen curtains

Harmonious combinations with any of liked colors give black and white colors. Bright accents give decorative elements, therefore such details should have the most sated coloring. Use of plastic facades for kitchen set will help to change color scheme in its mood.

Choose kitchen furniture color by two or three tones lighter than floor covering. In case of snow-white set, this function is performed by countertop, which in any case should not merge with rest of panels. Using glossy surfaces gives color saturation, and matte surfaces muffle intensity of hue.

kitchen color schemes 2019, matte kitchen, glossy kitchen

Use red as main color, as it looks best in form of accents.

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