Kitchen cabinets ideas 2019: TRENDY IDEAS for kitchen cabinet in 2019

Cabinets for kitchen should meet two basic criteria. They should be practical (functional) and aesthetically attractive. And quite roomy, because they should fit a lot of thing: food, tableware and appliances, frying pans, pans and a lot of other kitchen trifles. Let’s find out kitchen cabinets ideas 2019.

kitchen cabinets ideas 2019, top fashionable ideas and tips for kitchen cabinet design 2019

Kitchen cabinets ideas 2019: floor and hinged

Cabinets are basis of kitchen furniture. Let’s see what kitchen cabinets ideas 2019 are in trend. They can be of several types: floor – lower ones, usually, it’s storage for the most oversized things and utensils.

kitchen cabinets ideas 2019, floor kitchen cabinet ideas

It’s desirable that locker has adjustable feet, then it can be set exactly on other parts of headset. In addition, adjustable legs will allow cabinet to be raised 3-4 mm from floor, so material from which it’s made won’t come into contact with wet floor, this will significantly increase service life. Most often, bottom cabinets are sold without top cover, this is place for built-in appliances (hob, oven), sink or countertop, which can combine several lockers.

Top – wall cabinets are versatile storage room where you can place any, not very oversized thing.

kitchen cabinets ideas 2019, stylish top wall cabinets

If you want, you can use cabinets of different heights, this will make look of kitchen set richer and more attractive. It’s logical that choice will be made in favor of maximum possible height of locker, but here it’s necessary to take into account two factors. The first is how convenient it will be to get to upper shelves.

kitchen cabinets ideas 2019, stylish ideas for kitchen cabinets 2019

Kitchen cabinets ideas 2019: stylish tips

Cabinet doors largely determine overall style of cabinet. For small kitchen, swinging doors in kitchen cabinets can be problem. If you forget to close them, you can unpleasantly hit your head. Sliding doors are more original and functional.

You can generally abandon door in kitchen cabinets ideas 2019, decorated in modern style. Give preference to open cabinets.

kitchen cabinets ideas 2019, kitchen cabinet door design 2019

It isn’t necessary that doors are opaque, if you have beautiful service, why hide it behind wooden (plastic) door. Put glass doors, they will add space in kitchen.

kitchen cabinets ideas 2019, kitchen cabinet without doors, kitchen cabinet glass doors

If kitchen has only one window, then glass doors will add light.

Relief drawings, carvings, and pilasters on facades look rich and beautiful. But such decorative ornaments significantly complicate care of furniture, they can accumulate dust or fat, so all protruding (concave) parts will require additional regular rubbing.

Kitchen cabinets ideas 2019: trendy colors

Choosing hanging cabinets in kitchen, it’s necessary to consider color of kitchen set, which will affect not only your mood but also for appetite. Warm colors (orange, yellow, red) arouse appetite, cold (bright blue) on the contrary, suppress. For design of small kitchen select furniture (lockers) of light colors, such as lemon, cream, light pink. So you can add light in kitchen and slightly increase it visually.

kitchen cabinets ideas 2019, trendy colors in kitchen cabinet ideas 2019

kitchen cabinets ideas 2019, trendy colors for kitchen cabinet design 2019

It’s important to correctly determine filling of lockers. First of all, these are various storage systems placed inside. This can be metal corner structures, carousel type systems (you can store on it small-sized kitchen utensils), pull-out containers, dishes for drying, dividers that delineate volume of box into cells.

Complex storage systems help to ensure storage of food and kitchen utensils in perfect order, providing easy and quick access to them. But cost of filling can reach cost of cabinet itself.

kitchen cabinets ideas 2019, storage systems for kitchen cabinets

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