Kitchen cabinet ideas 2019: top trends and colors for kitchen cabinets 2019

What kind of kitchen trends are in fashion this year, and what should we wait? We will represent kitchen cabinet ideas 2019 and you will be able to choose actual colors, materials, and techniques for your new kitchen.

kitchen cabinet ideas 2019, top styles and colors for kitchen cabinets 2019

Deep colors, thin countertops, frosted facades, kitchens without cupboards, metal and stone in the lockers are in kitchen cabinet ideas 2019.

On the second plan are panel doors (exception is main classics, glossy varnish facades.

kitchen cabinet ideas 2019, top trends for kitchen cabinets 2019

Invisible Kitchen

Cabinets without pens, kitchens in niches and hidden behind inconspicuous doors; minimum details, as much as possible place: these are important touches in the image of new kitchen.

Kitchen 2019 is invisible, which completely merges with walls, floor and is a logical continuation of interior. Natural materials: stone, wood, glass. Lines are simple, clear, understandable. Therefore, if you want to be in a trend, don’t use more than two colors in materials of kitchen set.

kitchen cabinet ideas 2019, hidden cabinets in kitchen 2019 design

Kitchen front hides behind huge doors in manner of closet. This allows you to hide not only kitchen but all the mess on countertop after the cooking.

Kitchen 2019 is hidden under mask of cabinet, it has no handles, a thin top, smooth facades and natural colors. Kitchen is increasingly integrated into living room and looks like a chest of drawers with a mirror, then as a bookcase, then as rows of shelves. This allows you to get rid of bored division into rows of upper cabinets and lower bases and escape from feeling of being in a purely utilitarian cooking space.

kitchen cabinet ideas 2019, use of wood in kitchen cabinet design 2019

More and more attention in kitchen cabinet ideas 2019 is being paid to hiding technique: retractable mixers, closable hobs, hoods in countertop and so on.

Cooking and washing zones are located inside separate cabinets that can be placed independently of each other.

kitchen cabinet ideas 2019, kitchen cabinets with glass door

A new trend in design of kitchen is very thin countertops, less than a centimeter. Also, manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to technological solutions.

Kitchen is becoming more and more not a set of cabinets and drawers, even with beautiful facades, but with technological furniture. Doors of cabinets open more and more unexpectedly and in a more convenient way, they slide behind side walls of cabinet, they don’t interfere any more in the open form. In the closed position it’s a wall, in the open is a kitchen with a working surface and cabinets.

kitchen cabinet ideas 2019, high tech kitchen cabinets 2019

For those housewives who want something more a cupboard for heating utensils, vacuumers, ovens, and invisible ceramic hobs built into countertops.

No more hanging top cabinets. Now wall is getting lighter, often using hinged shelves with lighting and open, rather racking systems, echoing with filling of living room.

kitchen cabinet ideas 2019, kitchen without upper cabinets

It’s fashionable to make a kitchen without upper closets, they go into the background.

Kitchen cabinet ideas 2019: trendy colors and materials

White, of course, will not go out of kitchen cabinet ideas 2019 fashion. But actual kitchens are increasingly shown in saturated colors (anthracite, charcoal blue and even black).

Black is one of the most actual colors now, but not in lacquer, but in matte performance.

kitchen cabinet ideas 2019, black kitchen cabinet, white kitchen cabinet

All shades of gray are permissible: from light silver to almost black. Here it is worth mentioning and fashionable fiber-reinforced concrete, which conquers positions on countertops, cabinet facades and in decoration.

kitchen cabinet ideas 2019, blue kitchen cabinet, gray kitchen cabinet

Many kitchen manufacturers have chosen a deep and complex version of blue with an admixture of dark green.

Non-standard materials

In addition to fibrous concrete for facades, you can use any non-standard materials. For example, oxidized metal, silver steel, plates of copper tones and even stone veneers.

Modern marble surfaces, thin stone countertops, and use of cement in decoration are relevant in kitchen furniture.

kitchen cabinet ideas 2019, silver steel kitchen cabinet, copper kitchen cabinets

Don’t go out of fashion and traditional kitchen material wood. But today it is rarely just an oak veneer or an array with carved panels.

Imperceptible aprons are in fashion. Choose an apron under the stone or from a stone, which often merges with material of countertop and forms a single whole with it.

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