Farmhouse kitchen decor: handmade original DIY ideas for kitchen decor

Kitchen set, dining table, and chairs are the most necessary furniture in kitchen. However, individuality and special mood of harmonious space create details. Bright accents on walls, elegant curtains, elegant dishes and other nuances can transform instantly bored interior. Thus decor of kitchen can tell a lot about owners of house. Do you like to travel or are you fan of certain breed of dogs? About your hobbies and preferences, guests will be told with original accessories. Today we will talk about farmhouse kitchen decor.

farmhouse kitchen decor, handmade bold DIY ideas for kitchen decor

Farmhouse kitchen decor: stylish ideas

Idea number 1: Accent wall

Actual trend in farmhouse kitchen decor is allocation of one wall in kitchen as full and independent accent. How to implement this? Also, designers offer to use contrasting wallpaper, bright colors for finish painting or textured decoration.

farmhouse kitchen decor, wall decor ideas for farmhouse kitchen

Accent wall isn’t only decorative element. Often such technique is used to isolate functional zone in compact space. You can visually separate dining area or kitchen. Neutral walls can be excellent basis for catchy pattern, textured plaster and elegant decoration of kitchen in small-sized space.

farmhouse kitchen decor, kitchen photo wallpaper ideas

No less interesting is use of photo wallpapers. Impressive and enchanting landscape will help to receive special pleasure not only from tasting of gastronomic masterpieces but also from process of creating culinary delights. Stylish composition is able to visually expand space and give it perspective.

You can make on walls:

  • ornamental compositions in form of flowers, futuristic space forms weave branches of trees, waves or different geometric shapes – half circles, diamonds, and triangles;
  • interesting patterns that visually resemble openwork ligature or texture of woven fabric in style of patchwork;
  • relief pictures depicting associated with kitchen furnishings – cups, teapot, tree with drooping branches on pretzels, bagels, and sweets.

farmhouse kitchen decor, kitchen wallpaper ideas

Farmhouse kitchen decor: trendy ideas

Idea # 2: photo and vinyl stickers

Revitalize existing interior will help decorative vinyl stickers, which can be purchased in stores or made independently from special film.

Which images are suitable for decorating walls? Do not limit your imagination. Bold experiments will create amazing mood of joy and anticipation of something fantastic.

Image of the Eiffel Tower will be transferred over cup of coffee to France. Stickers with funny cats or other animals will give playful tone to beginning of day.

farmhouse kitchen decor, vynil kitchen stickers

Thus this decor has one undeniable advantage: you can peel off stickers at any time and replace them with another wall design.

Idea # 3: Accessories with a story

Elegant decor for kitchen will be bright plate, which differ in color, shape, and size. For example, metal trays of different sizes, fixed with magnets, can take on function of design technique for creating harmonious and unique space.

farmhouse kitchen decor, kitchen plate wall decor

So as ideal canvas for creating exclusive hand-made decor, white flat plates or dishes with round bottom made of ceramics and porcelain can make out.

Farmhouse kitchen decor:  wall clock will be bold experiment

Do you want to create right mood in kitchen? Add space of unusualness and style? Then you should definitely pay attention to bright and stylish wall clock for kitchen. Thus appetizing still life, fragrant coffee or unusual print in form of sushi will provide excellent mood for all household members in morning. No less interesting will be watch in form of elegant teapot or juicy strawberries. So give vent to imagination!

farmhouse kitchen decor, kitchen watch handmade

Stylish farmhouse kitchen decor can be made with your own hands if you decorate base of wall clocks with cereals, coffee beans or dried flowers. So to do this, you need to use high-quality glue and acrylic lacquer.

Farmhouse kitchen decor: renovation of kitchen interior in style of Provence

Kitchen in light and pastel colors can be excellent basis for decorating space in style of Provence. So unique French style has visual similarity with country style. Thus main elements of farmhouse kitchen decor in this style are:

  • blue floral patterns;
  • magnificent fresh flowers;
  • flirty ruches and delicate trinkets made of porcelain, fragile ceramics and fabrics.

farmhouse kitchen decor, Provence style farmhouse kitchen

Inimitable charm to interior of kitchen will give unpretentious forged elements in tandem with shelves of brass or copper. So complement composition of wicker baskets, distinctive painted vases, and pots, hand-woven knitted napkins. Thus main accent can be fabric curtains, made by own hands.

farmhouse kitchen decor, farmhouse kitchen curtains

Also, fine floral pattern is the best choice for textile design of such kitchen. Thus effects will give decorative clips or tapes, beads, and souvenirs.

Do not forget that Provence, like any other style of interior, provides combination of all decorative and functional elements among themselves.

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