Cottage kitchen ideas: 12 best ideas and trends in cottage interior design

If classic seems to you too pathetic, and country too rude, but traditional forms of furniture attract close attention, pay attention to cottage style that once appeared in America. Let’s get introduced to cottage kitchen ideas in detail.

cottage kitchen ideas, best trends and ideas in cottage style

Cottage kitchen ideas: stylish trends

In fact, this is a lightweight version of direction of country style, featuring practicality and visual ease. The USA can be regarded as style legislator.

Having studied this guide about cottage kitchen ideas, you will instantly learn to distinguish cottage-style kitchens from all the others.

cottage kitchen ideas, tiles in cottage kitchen ideas

How to create a kitchen in cottage style? So, what should kitchen look like in cottage style?

  • The two main features – naturalness and visual ease. That is why complex forms of furniture, sophistication of decor, dark surfaces (except for the tabletop) are in fashion. A large number of bright details are excluded in principle, like any shine of facades and finishes.

cottage kitchen ideas, furniture in cottage style kitchen

  • Three primary colors (for walls and kitchen cabinets) – white, blue and mint (cool tones), occasionally these colors are replaced with cream, beige, light gray or pistachio.
  • A sufficient number of open storage areas (racks, open shelves on graceful brackets, glazed doors of upper cabinets with a thin panel). If you like natural wood (floor, chairs, armchairs) – in cottage style kitchen it must be light or neutral brown tones: pine, oak, walnut (nothing red, dark and exotic)

cottage kitchen ideas, trendy colors in cottage kitchen designs

Cottage kitchen ideas: trendy ideas

Wooden lining or its imitation (on the doors of cabinets) is in fashion in any reasonable amount (on walls, ceilings, furniture). Paint them white or in cool pastel colors. This trend is in cottage kitchen ideas.

The facades of cabinets should be extremely laconic (from array, or on basis of wide frame around perimeter of doors). Handles are made of white matte metal of the most laconic forms.

Dining table – white wooden or in tone of cabinets, legs of tables are often similar to massive baluster of staircase. But thanks to light tones don’t look heavy.

cottage kitchen ideas, stylish kitchen island in cottage style

Kitchen island – almost an integral part of cottage style and its decoration can differ from main part of kitchen. Although if your kitchen is not too large, don’t use this item.

Cottage kitchen ideas: stylish ideas

  • Wide skirting boards and cornices – like echoes of classics, but in a much more subdued decor. In lamps – more functionality and laconism than decorativeness. This trend is in cottage kitchen ideas.
  • If you want to make a drop of brightness, use fresh garden or field flowers. But don’t choose too bright (multicolored) bouquets, white, pink or yellow

cottage kitchen ideas, flowers decoration in cottage kitchen ideas

  • Textiles for the kitchen in cottage style (curtains, tablecloth, napkins) instead of traditional for classics and country colors and patterns, use stripes or a thin cage.

cottage kitchen ideas, curtains in cottage kitchen ideas

cottage kitchen ideas, tablecloths in cottage kitchen ideas

  • Remember that style of cottage assumes holistic impression, and only on closer inspection, details begin to appear. Thanks to this, kitchen-cottage always looks bigger than it actually is.

cottage kitchen ideas, stylish designs in cottage kitchen ideas

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