Best kitchen designs 2019: top fashionable styles in kitchen designs 2019

In our today’s review, we have collected for you fresh modern ideas of kitchen design. Presented photos reflect the most current trends in arrangement of kitchen space. Here are the best kitchen designs 2019.

best kitchen designs 2019, top fashionable styles for kitchen design 2019

Art Deco style

Art Deco style is one of best kitchen designs 2019. The main decorative load here is chairs of complex geometric shapes. And, of course, as in all design projects in Art Deco style, there was a game of noble textures and some eclecticism.

So, pilasters in decoration of kitchen facades remind of classicism. And glass doors of cabinets and oval-shaped chandelier bring additional shine into the room.

best kitchen designs 2019, trendy art deco style in kitchen designs 2019

Loft style

In recent years, loft style of popularity is in no way inferior to classics and art deco. Partly this is due to dynamic growth of influence of office and industrial spaces on everyday life.

Loft integrates into urban environment no less than minimalism.

And when decorating loft spaces, you can save a lot on finishing. Especially, if you already have a room with a suitable studio layout and panoramic windows. To design kitchen in loft style you will need brickwork and simple wooden furniture. In decor you can show maximum creativity. Loft welcomes original solution, which in some places can even challenge conventions.

best kitchen designs 2019, fashionable loft kitchen design 2019

Best kitchen designs 2019: modern styles

Modern classics

Modern classics is in best kitchen designs 2019. It’s a strict symmetry in arrangement of objects, easy mannerisms in decor and a fairly free interpretation of principles inherited from antiquity. Kitchen-dining room with chairs of a juicy shade of young foliage is solved in spirit of neoclassicism.

Instead of window sill, designers decided to organize a narrow console with an integrated storage system. Black and white portraits and chandelier with glass drops-pendants add space to the light European charm.

best kitchen designs 2019, stylish modern classic kitchen design

Modern style

Modern style is one of the most popular trends in kitchen design 2019. This is the best solution for connoisseurs of clear contours, minimalism in decoration and high functionality. The laconic facades of built-in cabinet furniture, black bar counter with drawers, a lot of household appliances carefully hidden behind doors of cabinets – that’s almost all you need to arrange a modern kitchen. And you can make space memorable by playing textures and some bright detail.

best kitchen designs 2019, stylish modern kitchen designs 2019

best kitchen designs 2019, art deco kitchen, modern style kitchen

Best kitchen designs 2019: other trendy styles

Style Provence

What can be more pleasant for a resident of a modern metropolis than an awakening in a quiet house in Provence, from window of which one can observe calm smoothness of the Mediterranean Sea? Style Provence is in best kitchen designs 2019. If you miss the Côte d’Azur or you are just close to the charm of the French province, then you should pay attention to the Provencal decor. Style of Provence in design of kitchen is muted, as if burnt in the southern sun, tone, simple wooden furniture (often white in color of sea sand), cozy curtains with a floral pattern and a lot of decoratively painted dishes. In such a kitchen it is impossible not to fall in love because it is always as welcoming as the sunny French resorts.

best kitchen designs 2019, trendy Provence kitchen designs

Style minimalism

Minimalism is very close to the modern style. Both these directions cost a minimum of decorative elements. But modern style is more democratic: it is always ready to conclude an alliance with both neo-classical and even art deco.

best kitchen designs 2019, trendy minimalism style kitchen design

Minimalism is a virtually empty space, where, in addition to furniture, there are no elements. In this interior, you can do without decor, and even textiles are not always necessary.

best kitchen designs 2019, stylish minimalist style kitchen 2019

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