2019 kitchen trends: 10 stylish trends and ideas for kitchen interior design

The most famous and advanced world manufacturers of accessories, best designers and architects of Asia, America and Europe took part in Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas exhibition. They presented their vision of 2019 kitchen trends. So we disassemble new trends, colors, textures will be fashionable in 2019.

Trend #1: Kitchen with jewels

Planning interior of kitchen, many try to achieve effect of respectability, chic. Variations of kitchen sets, as well as decoration of premises itself, are many today. But there is little to compare with natural stone and exquisite shine of accessories, which is made in style of jewelry. White, color of gold and naturalness of natural stone is hit of 2019 kitchen trends. Times have changed, and relevance of idea hasn’t surrendered its positions. For people who love gloss in everything, wealthy and confident in themselves, this kitchen is something that can satisfy self-esteem and cause admiration of guests.

White color expands space, shine in finish, it’s like diamonds. In addition, rays of the sun, which will fall on such an accessory, will fill kitchen with shimmering brilliance.

2019 kitchen trends, fashionable kitchen 2019 with jewels
Trend #2: Relief Tile

Relief tile in interior is a trend that has already won hearts of many connoisseurs of minimalism in kitchen designs 2019. Embossed tiles are great for kitchen and bathroom. But living room, if you are connoisseur of “high-tech” or “loft” style, this variant will transform in incredible way. Patterns can be of different shapes, creating unrivaled 3D effect, which is very modern.

Trend #3: Flat cabinets

In 2019 kitchen trends are considered stylish wood and straight lines. We seem to fall into the past, but this is completely different past, where materials are qualitative, minimalism of design isn’t a sign of lack of imagination and means, but a sign of taste, harmony, and consistency.

2019 kitchen trends, wood and straight lines in kitchen design 2019
Kitchens with wooden and flat wardrobes for someone may seem boring. These models are for those who need comfort and quality without surplus. Functionality of design is that you can choose many variations in interior. Moreover, this is an excellent option for house where there are small children who often bump into fittings and strive to leave their fingers on each element.

2019 kitchen trends, wood design in kitchen trends 2019
Trend #4: Gray kitchens

Leader of color range in kitchen trends 2019 is gray and all its shades from dirty white to graphite. And also combination of all monochrome colors in one interior. Forget blue, green and red facades of kitchens, this is already outgoing trend. It should be used for facades of lockers and interior decoration, as much as possible invoices! It can be: marble, masonry or just gloss. Also in continuation of this trend remain fashionable: pure white, dairy, and black cuisine.

Trend #5: Matte black color

Black matte is supplemented with gold or brass hardware in retrostyle is top of 2019 kitchen trends. The same can be said about brass hardware. Mixers, pens, kitchen accessories, made as if they were inherited, conquered hearts of millions. Dark color is style, gloss, luxury, and practicality, especially when it comes to modern kitchens 2019.

2019 kitchen trends, kitchen design with matte black color
Trend #6: Geometric graphics on the tile

Stylish trend of 2019 for an accent in interior is geometric print. Designers often like to use color accent, for example, red or blue, but this is an outdated prem. Also forget about florets, animals and photo cities. Fashionable and stylish kitchen 2019 should contain clear geometric print. You can use it as decoration of wall, apron over work surface, facades of kitchen cabinets, just in textiles. Leader of graphic print is monochrome print with triangles, broken lines and stripes. If kitchen is decorated in soft and warm colors, you can use more smooth shapes: circles, ovals and softened straight lines.

Trend #7: Natural stone and brick

Texture of natural stone is in 2019 kitchen trends, it was fashionable 10 years ago, and remains at peak of popularity so far. If you want to make investment for several years ahead, the best choice is natural brick or stone. It’s possible to design kitchen wall, decorating fireplace. Dining area with stone or kitchen apron is fashionable trend, and it is wear-resistant, easy to clean and tidy.

2019 kitchen trends, kitchen design with natural stone and brick
Trend #8: Floor tiles imitating wood

Laminate and parquet boards are increasingly displacing structured tiles. This is very practical cover for kitchen design. New floor tile manufacturing technologies offer a variety of textures and colors, opening up new opportunities in kitchen design. In design of floor, also lead muffled sulfur and natural tones. Look closely at light gray shades, shades of natural oak and alder. Tile with structure of wood or cut will fit into any kitchen interior. Tendency to naturalness and pretentious structure of cover pervades all trends in design of kitchen.

Trend #9: Aprons from colored glass tiles

In 2019 kitchen trends are a new glass tile, which doesn’t require additional manipulations on top of main wall covering. Cool mirror gloss of glass tiles makes chic and high cost. You can choose as an elite collection of tiles from glass, as economy options. The advantages of this design in front of glass aprons are ability to create holistic view of kitchen wall, rather than dividing it into apron and main wall. Tendency to naturalness and pretentious structure of cover pervades all trends in kitchen designs 2019. Kitchen will suit every member of family, interior won’t nestle fast. Also, light colors are excellent alternative for small rooms.

2019 kitchen trends, kitchen design with colored glass tiles

Trend #10: Using bright colors in kitchen design

Do not be afraid to bring the boldest colors to interior of kitchen. You can combine what previously seemed absurd: classic dark and light shades with bright (red, blue, etc.), warm colors with cold. Be sure that new daring color schemes will give your kitchen even more modernity and expressiveness.

2019 kitchen trends, bright colors in kitchen interior design 2019

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