Kids room ideas: stylish trends and solutions for kids room interior design

When deciding how children’s room will look, you need to choose a function that will form basis of interior. It depends on the age and lifestyle of child. Let’s get introduced to kids room ideas.

kids room ideas, stylish trends and solutions for kids room interior design

What kids room ideas are in trend? When choosing finishing materials, give preference to the most environmentally friendly. The best floor covering will be cork, natural linoleum or parquet board. Carpet is more difficult to clean, but can also be used.

kids room ideas, stylish wall design ideas in kids room interior design

For finishing walls, water-based paints with notation can be used in children’s room, as well as paper and non-woven wallpaper. It is recommended to whitewash ceiling and cover with an antiseptic layer.

Furniture and textiles usually choose neutral colors. It can be shades of white and beige, pastel colors. In such an interior, child will find it easier to fall asleep.

kids room ideas, wallpaper design ideas in kids room interior design

Till now often a room for a girl is decorated in shades of pink, and for boy – in shades of blue. Don’t follow this stereotype, interior can be decorated in neutral colors: pale yellow, mint, gray.

kids room ideas, Scandinavian style kids room, loft style kids room

The choice of style depends on taste of parents or general orientation of design of apartment. As a rule, classical style or one of the modern trends is used: Scandinavian, minimalism, loft. In any of these styles, furniture from a wood will look perfect. It is not only stylish but also eco-friendly.

kids room ideas, yellow kids room, mint kids room

Kids room ideas: game and educational zone

For children of preschool age, games constitute main part of development. Provide kid with an interesting play area in which he can’t get injured. Here are kids room ideas for game zone.

Separating playing area is easy enough with help of zoning techniques. This can be color selection, screen or separately designed game complex.

Therefore, you need to save your free space and don’t force everything with toys and sports equipment. Pediatricians recommend including a swing, Swedish wall and horizontal bar into playing area.

kids room ideas, playing zone in kids room interior design

To ensure that child doesn’t catch a cold when playing on the floor, it is recommended to make warm floors or carpet covering in nursery.

Color design remains restrained, so that young children can fall asleep easily, but with bright impregnations that will make room more interesting for baby.

When entering school children’s work area is needed. Don’t completely remove game elements, because this can have a negative impact on child. Make zoning with help of shelving, screens and competent arrangement of furniture.

kids room ideas, studying zone in kids room interior design

To arrange a desk and all accompanying elements is recommended at the window. The more natural light, the less tired the eyes during classes.

Kids room ideas: room for boy and room for girl

How to combine gaming, sleeping and training areas? An excellent way in kids room ideas will be a multifunctional room. Typically, it includes a loft bed, where the first tier is a training or play area, and on the second – a sleeping area. Place under the bed can be used as a storage area for things.

kids room ideas, bunk bed in kids room interior design ideas

When several children live in one room, it is more difficult to arrange furniture. So the most frequent modern solution is a bunk bed. If area allows, room can have regular beds. Often, they leave a space between them or put a screen.

Room for boy

Recently, stylized children’s rooms have become popular. For boys, they are usually decorated in blue, with posters of favorite superheroes on the walls. Often designers use unusual furniture design, for example, a bed in the racing car form.

kids room ideas, girls room design ideas, boys room design ideas

Room for girl

Room for a girl is more often decorated in gentle pastel shades. It is important to consult with child, finding out what she would like to see in her room. So perhaps it will be a stylized castle of princess or an abundance of decor elements of girl’s favorite color.

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