Kids room design: top colors and styles for kids room interior design

Children’s bedroom should be comfortable, beautiful, multi-functional and safe. Below we will consider various aspects, such as color scales, styles, various ideas for kids room design.

kids room design, top colors and styles for kids room interior design

Kids room design: color spectrum

Let’s look at the color scales for kids room design, whether they live in separate rooms or together.

The first color is color of walls, the second is furniture and large objects (carpet, curtains, etc.), the third and fourth are accent colors.

White + white + all shades of lilac spectrum

This option is suitable for any modern, neoclassical or fantastic bedroom. You can add purple colors near daughter’s bed and purple at the son’s bed if they are sleeping in one room.

kids room design, white and lilac, beige and pink colors

Beige + vanilla + lilac-pink scale (more for styles with going to classics)

This option is also suitable for a bedroom where a boy and a girl sleep together, or for each of them separately. For boy choose the more lilac color, for girl choose pink.

Beige + white + natural accent (for example, autumn colors, wood or coffee shades)

This color scheme is ideal for both a joint and a separate bedroom for a child of any gender.

Kids room design: best color shemes for boys and girls

Here we will talk about color scales of kids room design that is used for boys and girls.

Girl’s bedroom

  • White + white or gray + pale pink, gold and silver (Scandinavian style)
  • White + pale gray + silver and different pink shades (glamorous bedroom)

kids room design, white-grey-gold, white-grey-pink scheme

The following list will help you choose color scheme for boys bedroom

  • Beige + brown + blue and gray is for nautical themes, style koastal, modern or neoclassical interior. This color scheme should be used cautiously, as a lot of dark brown furniture is a minus.
  • Beige + white + blue and navy blue is for modern style. Also here you can add shades of ultramarine, turquoise, purple and all fashionable and bright, interesting colors of blue spectrum. Pale beige walls, white furniture, and similar accents together will make up ideal image of boy’s bedroom.

kids room design, brown-blue combination, navy blue and white

  • White + white + black and dark blue: for space themes.

    Use black shade only for small items (for example, handle on the cabinet door, black frames for photos, etc.). But dark blue color (for example, Navy, Admiral or any other) can be used more actively (carpet, curtains, etc.).

  • White + light gray wood (pale) + bright poster: for variations on theme of sport, jungle, forest, knights and the like of any type. It is on a light gray background that you can play any fairy tale or cartoon.

kids room design, white-black-blue color combination

Kids room design: trendy styles

Here you will find stylish ideas for kids room design.

Girl’s room

Fashionable glamour

In this case, modern furniture is used (for example, in white gloss) and spectacular accents in textiles, toys, and decor. Then you complement interior with such good ideas as fashionable boxes for clothes, office, and cosmetics, beautiful boxes for storage, small posters, vases, souvenirs, photo frames and rugs with high nap.

kids room design, glamour style, Parisian style in kids room design

Parisian style or neo-classical

The Parisian style is usually built on light gray or beige furniture with white floor and wall trim, with neat neoclassical elements. Usually, accents here are lilac, gray and pink.

Boy room design

Scandinavian chic or modern

The Scandinavian style uses white and pale gray shades for floor and ceiling. Walls can also be pale pink or cream. This style is very similar to the Art Nouveau style.

kids room design, Scandinavian style in kids room design

Neoclassical bedroom (+ marine theme)

In this version, furniture is chosen in the style of neoclassic, usually white, cream or pale gray. In this bedroom, we will find chic curtains, and a real armchair, and a large wardrobe with a mirror. This style can be used to implement the marine theme for boy.

kids room design, neoclassical style in kids room design

kids room design, stylish marine theme in kids room design

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