Kids room 2019: fashion trends and stylish ideas for kids room design

The decoration of the room interior for your beloved child is a creative task, interesting, but very responsible! There he will grow, develop and play, learn new and relax, rejoice and be sad. Let’s consider what should be the design of kids room 2019 in the photo-examples of ready-made projects.


Kids room 2019: tips and tricks

Let’s see what design options are in kids room 2019 fashion. It is necessary to create a space that can combine everything the child needs. At the same time take into account the taste preferences of the parents, harmoniously combining with the interior of the whole house. In fact, this is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

As much as possible space and light are very important for the development of the child. If the room has dark corners, get rid of them immediately and create a cheerful mood with the help of decor and lamps. The room should be light! In the nursery, as a rule, space is divided into three main zones:

  • game;
  • working;
  • place of rest/sleep.


There are several ways to visually separate these zones, which one to choose depends on your financial capabilities and imagination. The simplest method is to use different color scales for each of them. Another popular option is the construction of multi-level podiums.

Try to choose washable wallpaper or provide a separate place on the wall, pasted with Whatman, where your young artist will be able to create his first masterpieces.


For a children’s room, it is preferable to choose carpets with a short nap. They will less gather dust and easy to take care of.

If you want to achieve “versatility” of the interior, it is necessary to select strict pieces of furniture that will last a long time. And the “childishness” of the premises let them create elements of decor: curtains, bright pillows, drawings of the child, funny illustrations and stickers, carpet.


Design of a girl room

Parents certainly want for their young princesses all the best, so the issue of decorating a kids room 2019 for a girl is always very exciting. It is easy if you follow the following recommendations.


When choosing a color scheme, forget about stereotypes! The girl’s room does not need to be pink! Pay attention also to pleasant pastel shades of the color of melted milk, sky blue, light yellow, milk apricot. In this range, if necessary, it is easy to add additional bright and cheerful decor elements.


Add to the head of the bed a chic drop-down canopy, sketch the mountains of cheerful pillows, exquisite stickers on the walls in the form of butterflies and bunnies. Allocate space for the photo gallery, buy beautiful wall stickers, shelves, lamps. Leave a place for children’s creativity: for example, you can hang a special board for notes.


Kids room 2019: boy room design

Read more about how to design a kids room 2019 for a boy.

In the boy’s room, there must always be enough room for the manifestation of all his youthful enthusiasm, energy and irrepressible imagination! For the design of the boy’s corner is best suited modern style. More important is the functionality, practicality, technological innovations in the form of designer lighting on the ceiling. Submarines, ships with cabins, pirate flags just will not leave indifferent any young hero! Instead of an ordinary toy box, make an antique chest!


Pick up a bed for your young inventor in the form of the car, a steam locomotive or any of his favorite technique marvels. Arrange various wooden models around the room, decorate the walls with bright posters and a dream room ready!


If your child is more interested in sports, let his room talk about it! As for accessories and decor elements, use a punching bag, diplomas, and certificates of sporting achievements, posters of famous football players. If space permits, make the future champion a separate sports corner where he could train and warm up in his free time.


Kids room 2019: a room for two children

You probably already understood that selecting a design for a kids room 2019 is not an easy thing. Because there are so many nuances to consider! But if you have two children who need to be placed in one room the task of literate organization of space is doubled! You need to consider:

  1. age and gender of each child;
  2. interests, tastes of each and peculiarities of development;
  3. presence of all functional zones.

With interests and age everything is clear, we’ll talk in more detail about the division into the zones of a room where two children will live at once. Each of them will need a separate sleeping and working place, but storage spaces and zones for games and creativity can be combined. It is important to combine all this in one room so that the interior does not look congested. And the children have a free place to show their activity.


When dividing up space, try not to deprive any of the guys. Here are options for how you can apply all of the above tips in practice.

Parents of children of different sexes need to approach this task creatively! After all, you will need to choose a solution that will appeal to both the boy and the girl in their color scheme and style of decoration. Designers advise in this case to divide the room conditionally in two. It can be not literal, but at least stylistically or with the help of color. If the size of the room allows, you can even install a small partition.


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