Girls Bedroom 2022: Stylish Trends of Interior Solutions for Girls bedroom (12+ Photos)


Bedrooms for girls are an interesting task, but there is one nuance: many parents create an interior based on their own fantasies, inner world, and echoes of their childhood.

But children are not always our complete copies, they have personal passions already at a young age. Let’s consider trends of girls bedroom 2022.

girls bedroom 2022

Girls bedroom 2022: tips and tricks

Let’s study some new trends in girls bedroom 2022 fashion. It would seem that kids are not so demanding for many things, like painting walls or wallpaper, laminate on the floor or linoleum.

But they can be very sensitive to color solutions, decorative elements or the shape of furniture and beds.

Girls are especially delicate in perception, and they are not always small princesses, as all moms and dads used to think, intending to equip a children’s paradise in pink tones, lace, and ruches, like a festive cake.

girls bedroom 2022

Sometimes the best idea may be the decision to spend all the money that could go to unnecessary trifles.

On wallpapers with a 3D effect, where the whole country will be painted a wonderland. The underwater realm of Neptune, the roof of a megacity, where it fights against injustice.

Cat Woman, Outer Space and stuff that your daughters like. Such wallpapers fit into almost any style, and if desired, they can be “tied” even with the classics. For example, to decorate them with a niche that at any time could be covered with a decorative tight curtain.

girls bedroom 2022

Classics doesn’t mean boredom! Is it possible to bring a bad mood gently lilac or peach walls, or a cozy color of malted milk?

In addition, so that the room doesn’t look too strict and official. You can use the design method: to make one bright accent wall, this moment doesn’t lose its relevance ever.

Girls bedroom 2022: original solutions

The zoning effect is gaining popularity more recently, especially in girls bedroom 2022 fashion.

Do not get carried away by excessive “cartoonishness” in everything. It can slow down the natural process of growing up. Quite enough will be a few details: a wall with 3D wallpaper, which depicts a scene from a fairy kingdom and a large dollhouse, or a quaint bed.

But it is not necessary to collect all the attributes of fairy tales and cartoons into one little child’s.

girls bedroom 2022

If possible, don’t put computers and TV in a girl’s room, it’s useless for young children. If the planned room is not for one, but for two girls, an excellent way out of the situation with small dimensions of the room.

There will still be a bunk bed. It can be framed in the form of a composition of favorite fairy tales.

girls bedroom 2022

Girls bedroom 2022: decor and accessories

Let’s consider modish ways of finishing girls bedroom 2022.

Walls better to leave the light. So you will save the feeling of space and sunlight. Do not hang or clutter the windows. Enough to provide them with small Roman curtains of a pleasant color.

girls bedroom 2022

It is necessary to think very carefully about artificial lighting. The lamp above each bed, at the desktop, at a mirror and even illumination in cabinets is obligatory.
A room for a girl doesn’t have to be done in pink colors. If the baby is still too small, then take a look at the neutral light shades: melted milk, milky apricot, pale pink, light blue, pale yellow.

girls bedroom 2022

Make one wall bright: this design solution is not just funny! The wall will stand out on and your girl will be able to arrange her favorite toys here.

girls bedroom 2022

girls bedroom 2022

girls bedroom 2022 girls bedroom 2022

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