Girls bedroom decor: best stylish ideas and trends for girls bedroom

If girl’s room doesn’t require repair, there is no point in radically changing it, think over spectacular decor. Parents are advised to use professionals’ recommendations to get modish design at minimal cost. We will talk about girls bedroom decor.

girls bedroom decor, best stylish ideas and trends for girls bedroom

Girls bedroom decor: stylish ideas

Let’s talk about girls bedroom decor.

Teens like to have something exclusive, and wall for author’s drawing will be your daughter’s pride.

She will willingly demonstrate wall paintings to her guests. But such a decoration of wall should correspond with another decor of room.

girls bedroom decor, wall design in girls bedroom interior

Before you transform and decorate room of girl, it is worthwhile to discuss sapid options. For example, ceiling and walls can be designed as an open space. Another option is a dark stretch ceiling with diodes will wink at the stars of a dreamy child. A «floating» ceiling with a glow around the perimeter is something fantastic in futuristic room of a girl.

girls bedroom decor, ceiling lighting design ideas in girls bedroom

Girls bedroom decor: trendy ideas

Collages, inscriptions, and panels on the wall are trendy girls bedroom decor. The main decor is done on the walls. Great space for implementation of ideas for decor of teen’s room with their own hands: all this can be hung on a vertical plane. Inscriptions, outre drawings, and homemade accessories are often dispelled: at the head of the bed; near entrance (door); opposite the plane for sleeping; on a wall without furniture; at the work surface or countertop.

girls bedroom decor, inscriptions in girls bedroom wall design

Romantic teenagers like to decorate room with word LOVE, perform it in any technique. Also, creatively looking letters from plywood, covered with golden spray paint or upholstered with large sequins will look trendy.

girls bedroom decor, love inscription on wall of girls bedroom

The inscriptions LOVE can also decorate space at the head of the bed, written on the wall or wallpaper in different font and color.

Daughter will certainly appreciate such decor of room. Thus, no less amusing are names of various cities and fashion brands.

Girls bedroom decor: creative ideas

Decorate walls in different ways:

  • a collage of Selfie and family photos;
  • silhouette of favorite artist or singer on the wall;
  • mosaic canvas on favorite theme;
  • framing mirror frames with improvised means;
  • homemade flowers made of cloth and paper in hanging pots made of plastic bottles;
  • flower pots in knitted outfits on glass shelves, etc.

Girls bedroom decor can be a lot and modestly, moderately, but it is momentous that it is in harmony with furniture, textiles, and lighting.

girls bedroom decor, wallpaper design in girls bedroom

Thus, decorate a sleeping place making a canopy from a light transparent takna. Baldachin is manufactured and fixed in various ways, depending on the shape of ceiling.

girls bedroom decor, baldachin and canopy in girls bedroom design

If children’s bedroom is in the attic room, then in this way a portion of surface of sloping ceiling above the bed is draped. Also, a particular allure will be given by a simple garland or LED ribbon fixed on the edges of canopy. Almost weightless fabric can be collected over the headboard or cover the whole area of bed from above. Also, the choice of shape of canopy must also be prescribed by the style of room and its general filling.

girls bedroom decor, use of baldachin in girls bedroom design

girls bedroom decor, furniture trends in girls bedroom design

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