Baby boy room ideas: best colors, trends for baby boy room interior design

In this article, we will talk about how to think over the design of a baby boy, choose furniture, make repairs, pick up a decor and equip a play area. Here are baby boy room ideas!

baby boy room ideas, best colors and trends for baby boy room interior design

Baby boy room ideas: color scale

We will talk about color scale in baby boy room ideas. The influence of color on the mood and activity of the child is very large. It must be taken into account and used correctly. The basis of interior of baby boy should be decorated with light natural shades: milky-white, beige, vanilla, light gray, gray-green.

baby boy room ideas, trendy colors in baby boy room interior design

Quiet background will give many advantages: it will allow easily update interior as child grows up, visually increase (or at least not reduce) space. And most importantly, will not act on the child excitingly or depressingly. Conditionally, all colors can be divided into three groups:

Soothing: blue, green, pink, turquoise, lilac, brown. These colors can be used in large quantities both in design of bedroom and play area. Also, use of these colors is recommended for decoration of rooms of hyperactive children.

baby boy room ideas, stylish colors for baby boy room interior design

Exciting or invigorating: red, orange, yellow. Such active colors will be good only in the form of accents, in design of a game or sports corner.

With care, following colors should be used: blue, purple, black. In a small amount, they can soothe and balance psyche, and in the large – oppress.

Baby boy room ideas: finishing

Finishing in baby boy room ideas should be moisture and breathable, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, non-toxic, not storing static electricity. For facing walls are suitable: water-based paints for kids, liquid wallpaper (silk plaster), paper or non-woven wallpaper, cork, wooden lining. Refuse is based on vinyl wallpapers. For finish of the floor, we recommend using natural and warm materials: wooden floorboard, parquet board, piece parquet, cork and natural linoleum (marmoleum). Ceiling is simply to whitewash and paint or use a quality stretch ceiling. Wooden cover is also suitable.

baby boy room ideas, wall design in baby boy room interior design

baby boy room ideas, ceiling design in baby boy room interior design


The light in child’s room should not be too bright, but not dim, generally normal. And it should be even, that is, in addition to the central chandelier. You need to install spotlights around perimeter of ceiling, or at least hang on walls of the wall, put a floor lamp or table lamp.

With regard to materials and design, we advise you to give preference to lamps with shades diffusers made of fabric, paper, woven plant material or polypropylene. Variants from plastic or glass for a nursery will not work.

baby boy room ideas, lighting ideas in baby boy room interior design

Baby boy room ideas: stylish decor ideas

Let’s speak about decors in baby boy room ideas.

Decor Carpet

Carpet in boy’s room is needed for games, softening of falls, anti-slip, protecting floor from damage, keeping toddler’s legs warm and, of course, for comfort. Also, the most easy-care and safe version of carpet for nursery is nylon with a pile height of 5 to 15 mm or cotton/woven. Thus it is better to refuse from a woolen covering, as often it can cause an allergy.

baby boy room ideas, carpet in baby boy room interior design

Curtains in kid’s room should be easy to wear off, easy to hang. And it is desirable to shade the room for a comfortable day’s sleep.

baby boy room ideas, mirror and curtain design in baby boy room interior design

Mirror should be made of safe plastic or at least tempered glass, which breaks up into small, rounded pieces.

Game Zone

Here is a short list of ideas for arranging a play area in children’s bedroom:

Painting corner – this can be an easel, a plywood mounted on the wall and painted with paint. An end of a bunk bed or a cabinet covered with chalk wallpaper.

baby boy room ideas, castle and tent in baby boy room interior design

The reading corner – while kid doesn’t know how to read. Reading corner should be designed for parents. It can be a chair, a shelf for books and a lamp.

Also, a house, castle of knight or princess, tent or wigwam. A toy dwelling can be bought in a store, but it’s much more interesting to make it yourself.


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