Wallpaper trends 2019: best colors, prints and decors of wallpaper design

Covering walls with wallpapers is the simplest solution for room design. Various wallpaper and color schemes can create special atmosphere in apartment, differentiate space and even maximize it. Modern wallpaper has an attractive appearance and functionality. With properly selected material, you can hide uneven walls, and visually change dimensions of room. There are many options for decorating walls with wallpapers. Identify with color solution isn’t difficult, follow your taste preferences and advice of fashion experts.If you want changes, then pay attention to following wallpaper trends 2019.

wallpaper trends 2019, best colors, stylish prints and decors for wallpaper design

Uniform coloring is at peak of popularity for several years. For each room, it’s important to choose wallpaper color.

wallpaper trends 2019, stylish uniform coloring of walls with wallpapers

Colors that are at peak of popularity are pink, blue, orange and yellow, purple and green hues (avocado, celery, sage color). Also, designers give new life to metal colors, pink tones. Blue and green tints came to the fore. Saturated yellow is fashionable in wallpaper design. Classic black is main color of wallpaper trends 2019 according to some companies, such as PPG, Milan Furniture Fair.

wallpaper trends 2019, pink wallpaper, green wallpaper

Pasting several types of wallpaper is design technique that remains relevant in 2019. This option can be unusual solution for your apartment and help in zoning premises. Carefully selected textures, colors, wallpaper drawings adds not only aesthetic appeal to the room but also has practical benefit. Choose wallpaper about same thickness, texture, quality. Moreover, wallpaper should suit with color scheme or pattern, look harmonious.

wallpaper trends 2019, blue wallpaper design, yellow wallpaper design

Modern wallpapers allow solving a set of design problems. You can achieve strong visual effects if they properly applied. Especially with correctly placed light and well-chosen accessories. Though not only solid wallpaper is popular in this season, but wallpaper with picture will also give apartment originality and freshness. Textures and drawings on wallpaper are one of the popular wallpaper trends 2019.

wallpaper trends 2019, wallpapers with prints and drawings

Large prints are by no means usable in small rooms, it will make space visually smaller. In small kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, choose wallpaper with a small picture. Wide wallpaper canvas came in wallpaper 2019 trend from previous seasons. Wide canvases have high speed of gluing and minimum of joints.

wallpaper trends 2019, wall design with stylish photo wallpapers

Photo wallpapers again gained popularity in this season. Wide-scale drawings will enlarge room and create bright interesting accent on the wall. However, wallpapers can be glued only to smooth and even walls. Choose only high-quality material and manufacturer because bad wallpapers can cool interior.

wallpaper trends 2019, fashionable wallpapers with nature prints

Relationship with nature is a new approach in wallpaper design. Natural textures, shades and ecological wallpaper materials are chosen for gluing on walls of bedrooms and living room 2019. Certainly, fashion trends dictate their rules in interior design. Simple wallpaper, with different color accents and original prints, combination of wallpapers are main trends in wallpaper design 2019.

Separate niche in wallpaper trends 2019 occupies wallpapers with geometric images. Using such wallpaper balances space, makes it harmonious and complete. Pattern on wallpaper is duplicated in furniture skin or textile.

wallpaper trends 2019, stylish wallpapers with geometric patterns

Manufacturers produced canvases with multi-colored geometric figures: rhombuses, triangles, and zigzags. Wall with geometric pattern will become stylish accent of room. Monochrome geometric figures on dark background will perfectly fit into retro style. Room will look exquisite and expensive.

wallpaper trends 2019, stylish wallpapers with floral ornaments

Floral ornament is in fashion. Great popularity has English style in interior design trends 2019. Exotic flowers, blurry garden flowers, watercolor drawing, picturesque bouquets will be marvelous in home interior.

wallpaper trends 2019, stylish wallpapers with animalistic prints

Animalistic prints are also in trend. Wallpapers in retro style deserve special attention. They fill room with elegance and refinement.

Prints with butterflies, fish, and birds draw attention to particular wall or zone in room. Large-scale images of animals executed by graphic lines look original. Thence, clearly defined profile of fox, deer or wolf will favorably emphasize the space. It’ll be a great idea for minimalist style room.

wallpaper trends 2019, wallpapers with imitation of natural materials

Imitation of natural materials is also in wallpaper trends 2019. For those who dreamed of an apartment with brick wall, but couldn’t afford it because of material and labor costs, there is excellent way out: wallpapers with imitation of brickwork. From distance, such canvases can’t be distinguished from natural material. Imitation can be of any natural material: wood, stone, concrete or marble, and even snakeskin. Also, it can be unusual solution for walls decorating in hall or in kitchen.

wallpaper trends 2019, wallpaper with abstract patterns and drawings

Abstraction in any color version will look good. Also, smooth transition of color from bright to more peaceful shade is in trend. Such paintings look harmoniously with laconic furniture. Walls with such decoration will make room more light and airy.

And what about coloring? This year, designers suggest complex color scheme: shades of olive and green, eggplant, beige. In wallpaper trends 2019 are bright colors: yellow, chocolate, pink, turquoise. Such range is able to make positive notes in any interior.

wallpaper trends 2019, black and white wallpaper design 2019

Designers suggest contrasting black and white wallpaper. Since this wall decoration is suitable for any room, including bathroom and room for baby. Also, white furniture on their background looks more advantageous. Black figures of animals or plants can decorate nursery, which likewise will attract child’s attention.Whence fans of dark colors should realize that black wallpaper will visually reduce room. Therefore, this option isn’t suitable for small rooms. But even in a large area, only one wall is allocated with black wallpaper.

wallpaper trends 2019, green wallpaper, turquoise wallpaper

Blue still remains at the peak. Experts advise looking at its shades (blue, turquoise) because blue color is cold. Way out is by using several shades of same color. Green color also doesn’t give up its positions. This color promotes relaxation, rest and positive mood. In bedroom, both monophonic wallpapers, and floral motifs are suitable.

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