Wall design ideas: 8 best wall design ideas and stylish solutions


Successful interior of apartment is not only beautiful furniture, expensive finishing materials or fashionable lamps. It is equally important to decorate walls in such a way as to make them an additional decoration of room. Therefore, we offer several wall design ideas with our own hands.

wall design ideas, 8 best wall design ideas and stylish solutions

Wall design ideas: practical ideas

These wall design ideas should be thought about during cosmetic repairs.

  1. Combine wallpaper

It’s a simple and affordable way to add zest to the interior. Manufacturers of wallpaper produce rolls ideally suited to each other. You just need to choose the ones you like and choose horizontal or vertical combination. It is possible to cover this way only one wall or all around the perimeter.

wall design ideas, combination of wallpapers in wall design ideas

  1. Photo wallpapers

It’s a bright and eye-catching accent, which is still at peak of popularity of wall decoration. If you don’t like any of offered images, you can order printing of selected photos or drawings. Glue is usually only on one wall.

wall design ideas, wall design ideas with photo wallpaper

  1. Finishing materials

Very beautiful looks a wall, lined with decorative brick, wild stone, pebbles, mosaic, etc. One of the interesting ways to decorate a wall is decorative plaster. It helps to hide small defects of wall, it is simply applied, can be used to obtain a varied relief. Also, you can use decorative plaster to create convex geometric figures or patterns on wall, apply plaster with mother-of-pearl reflow. You can obtain interesting effects using a multi-colored plaster.

wall design ideas, wall design ideas with pebbles and wild stones

Wall design ideas: stylish solutions

  1. Paint

You can use acrylic paints for artistic painting or water emulsion to create contrast wall. If monophonic, though bright, surface doesn’t inspire you, then make it in stripes and cage with help of paint tape. There are also special multi-colored slate paints, by painting with their help a part of the wall you can use it as large notepad for notes.

wall design ideas, wall design ideas with various paints

Art painting is also in unique wall design ideas. If artistic skills aren’t completely available, then you can use stencils or vinyl stickers, assortment of which grows every day. The latter, if necessary, is easily peeled from painted wall.

  1. Living wall

It’s an unusual and still rare in our apartments decorative element. A special irrigation system makes such a flower arrangement almost autonomous. Of course, if you provide a sufficient level of illumination. Thus living wall can be replaced by ordinary pot plants on a narrow shelving or open shelves.

wall design ideas, fashionable living wall design ideas

  1. Mirrors

In order for mirror to fit perfectly into interior, select appropriate frame for it: high-flow metal, and classical style: wooden with gilding. Still, it is possible to make a continuous mirror wall or to put mirror tiles.

wall design ideas, stylish wall design with mirrors

Wall design ideas: trendy styles

  1. Fabric panels

Recently, a new kind of wall decoration has appeared. These are pieces of fabric that are attached directly to surface so that cloth can be removed and washed. It’s one of easier wall design ideas. Moreover decorate wall with textiles, hang fabric or carpet patterns. In the first case, this is simply an interesting coloring cloth, stretched over canvas and framed by an interesting baguette. In the second place is a mosaic of pieces of carpet.

wall design ideas, fashionable wall design with fabric

  1. Decorative plates, low wicker baskets, painted ceiling sockets for wall decoration

All these can be placed on walls of kitchen, living room or bedroom. Also color and plot should be in harmony with interior of room.

wall design ideas, wall design with plates and baskets

After all, such decoration is not only a great way to show intuition, creativity and good taste, but also opportunity to create truly unique interior of apartment.

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