Wall colors 2019: top fashionable shades in interior design trends 2019

Each new season brings us new trends in design of walls and specifically in shades for their painting. We will talk about wall colors 2019 in our article. Let’s learn together what shades will be popular in 2019, why they became fashionable.

wall colors 2019, best fashionable shades for wall design 2019

Wall colors 2019: trendy shades

Soft neutral: white-gray, gray-beige, beige-white

Trendy soft neutral shades are in wall colors 2019 trend and it’s excellent for hallway, corridor, bathroom, and balcony with loggia. In this case, beige-gray and beige-white can be used for bedrooms, nursery and living room. And in kid’s room, it is better to add an accent wall.

wall colors 2019, soft neutral shades in wall colors 2019 trend

White: pure white, glossy white, white marble

Thus, white color doesn’t have to be ordinary. It can mimic marble, if it is porcelain, be glossy in form of decorative wall panels or have decorative moldings and cornices in neoclassic style.

wall colors 2019, stylish white hues in wall colors 2019 trend

Warm gray shades

Warm gray shades are the most popular in small urban apartments. At least in the US, Asia, and Scandinavia!

wall colors 2019, warm gray color in wall colors 2019 trend

Pastel: pale blue, pink, yellow, lilac, gray-lilac shades

Stylish pastel in design of walls is used increasingly often. Pastel can represent not only positive and tenderness, but also refined taste.

wall colors 2019, pale pink color, pale blue color in wall colors 2019 trend

Restrained classics: pigeon, pale olive, pale gray

These shades will perfectly fit into style of classic or neoclassic in your interior, even if from them you have only parquet on the floor.

wall colors 2019, pigeon color, pale gray color in wall colors 2019

Wall colors 2019: trendy hues

Bright glamour: teal and turquoise

Two fashionable shades, such as teal and turquoise are similar to each other but still differ from each other. Teal is greener and darker, and turquoise is a bit more blue and bright. They are in wall colors 2019 trend.

wall colors 2019, teal color, turquoise color in wall colors 2019 trend

Family positive: chartreuse

Chartreuse is new green and new yellow for kitchen designs 2019  in the family apartment! Try it!

wall colors 2019, chartreuse color in wall colors 2019 trend

Ropy pastel: peach, flamingo, watermelon, yellow sorbet

Another series of pastel tones, such as tropical, they look incredibly beautiful in bathroom, bedroom and kid’s room. Together with tropical prints will be simply delicious!

wall colors 2019, ropy pastel colors, gray-blue shades in wall colors 2019 trends

Gray-blue shades

Gray-blue shades are another must-have of the following seasons in interior design of city apartment. Think about where you have the most sunlight, and use them there.

Dark gray and black walls

The next important trend is dark gray and black walls, they should be used with caution and better only in format of accent walls.

wall colors 2019, black color, ultraviolet color in wall colors 2019 trends

Purple, eggplant, plum, ultraviolet

A fashionable line of violet shades in interior of 2019 is confidently in the lead among all! Most often they are used in textiles: flock, velvet, and suede respond well to these colors.

Wall colors 2019: how to understand what color suits your interior?

Often, many people choose their wall color according to the current fashion preferences in society. This applies to clothing, accessories, and interior design.

First, for choosing wall colors 2019, consider number of square meters that you own. Secondly, remember climate in which you live – colors and ideas can often look great only in spacious, filled with bright lights. Combination of colors in interior can be used not for whole room, and fragmentarily, having beaten only one of its single zone.

wall colors 2019, color combination styles in wall colors 2019 trends

Thirdly, what if everyone has their own color preferences? You can find a compromise solution. For example, you love blue, and your spouse loves green, then try to negotiate and use turquoise. Or for everyone, create its space using your favorite color palette in interior.

But zone where your whole family gathers, designers advise doing neutral, only slightly diluting with accents.

wall colors 2019, ombre walls in wall colors 2019 trends

Wall colors 2019: stylish tips

Judging by comments of experts, now in wall colors 2019 vogue, there will be bright colors. It’s time to drop doubts and boring beige wallpapers aside. It’s time to decorate your apartment.
One of the most popular colors will definitely become violet. Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that this is a rather complex color with many different shades. Which of them will suit your apartment, it’s up to you.

wall colors 2019, three color design in wall colors 2019 trend

Don’t be afraid to use purple color on the walls. In most cases, designers chose pastel colors for walls, and with violet or lilac shades only painted small details. For example, you can often see white sofas with purple cushions. But this is all in the past. In 2019, it is worthwhile looking at the bright and dark colors of violet wall paint. These colors will make your rooms stylish and expensive.

Wall colors 2019: trendy hues

Red color has always been a success among designers. Despite the fact that many people are afraid to make their apartment too aggressive, this color is in wall colors 2019 trend. Just every person takes that shade that is closest to him. For bright and extravagant cuisine, for example, scarlet will suit. In combination with a glossy surface, it will fill the entire room with brightness.

wall colors 2019, trendy wall colors in kids room

If you want to add red color to bedroom design, then it should be combined with white. Together, these colors look just great. They not only complement each other but also make entire interior much more stylish. From psychological point of view, red in interior adjusts to activity, so if you choose this color for living room, then exactly you are expecting many interesting evenings.

There are also quite unexpected colors in our list. For example, a few years ago, few could have guessed that blue-green shade would be one of the most popular. Not less fashionable now is blue color, especially in combination with red. All last year they conquered eminent interior designers and now stand at the peak of their popularity.

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