Vintage interior design: top trends, tips and best vintage ideas for housing


Some people don’t prefer modern environment, due to impact of high technology, but objects associated with bygone era and causing a feeling of unobtrusive nostalgia are in trend. Vintage in interior of house often prefer lovers of history, older generation, collectors and those who appreciate ancient objects. Let’s find out vintage interior design trends in our review.

vintage interior design, tips and trends, housing ideas

Firstly, it’s important not to overdo vintage interior design, and secondly, you need to be able to distinguish old things depending on their era.

Vintage is close to classics, but it provides solutions in form of modern finishing materials and designs.

vintage interior design, stylish tips and tricks for vintage design

Principle of minimalism isn’t used. Decor and vintage items are often put on display, embodying chosen era. Abundance of ancient things is also not welcome. Otherwise, style of vintage in interior of apartment won’t be expressive, and room will be overloaded with objects.

vintage interior design, stylish solutions with vintage interior designs

Aged or artificially aged things look neat and attractive.Therefore it is important to see clear line between old things with small traces and objects that are about to collapse because of dilapidation.

Vintage interior design: components of vintage

Components of vintage interior design are:

  • Antique objects or things (furniture, lampshades, paintings, figurines, porcelain, antique toys)
  • Artificial aging of interior elements
  • Decorating walls, floors, and ceilings for antiquity
  • As well as natural colors of moderate saturation

vintage interior design, stylish components of vintage interior design

– light pink

– light lilac

– white

– green

– golden

– copper

– light blue

– brown

Also, burnt colors are in fashion.

vintage interior design, stylish colors in vintage style

Natural textiles, characteristic of prefered era:

– cotton

– wool

– linen

– silk

vintage interior design, stylish textiles in vintage interior design

Natural materials: brass, copper, forging, ceramics, porcelain, wood, plaster from natural components.

Used stucco, often supplemented with silvering, gilding or patina.

Also, modern vintage in interior can include dried flowers and appliques with them.

vintage interior design, stylish materials in vintage interior design

Vintage interior design: ideas for housing, general organizational issues

Living room

Vintage interior design of living room will help to realize antique wall, behind glass doors of which are antique products. In addition to it, you can put in living room couches. Besides it, don’t forget about central chandelier, characteristic for selected period.

vintage interior design, living room design in vintage style


In interior of kitchen, vintage should not be in mind of modern household appliances. Moreover, effectively emphasize situation with luxurious antique wardrobe and same kitchen utensils. Also, as a decor, use applications with dried flowers.

vintage interior design, kitchen design in vintage style


For interior of bedroom in vintage style use more natural textiles. Thus for lighting, use antique lampshades and table lamps that will create soft and evenly scattered light.

vintage interior design, bedroom design in vintage style


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