Steampunk home decor: best trends and tips for steampunk interior design


Style steampunk in interior is a young direction, while being able in short time to find their faithful admirers. This filigree combination of past and future will not leave anyone indifferent. Let’s find out steampunk home decor ideas.

steampunk home decor, stylish trends, styles and ideas for steampunk style

Steampunk home decor combines incredible, it would seem, things: Victorian style and industrial hardcore, gothic and futuristic images.

This conceptual mixture amazes imagination, brings to the house a special, incomparable atmosphere.

steampunk home decor, stylish trends of steampunk interior design

Steampunk looks as if time has stopped in the era of creating steam engines. This is choice of those who like to live in a world that is so unlike the surrounding reality.

Identification of style

Steampunk originated in the 80 years of the XX century against background of general fascination with science fiction.

steampunk home decor, decor ideas for steampunk interior design

Concept of direction is based on use in design of steam engines and their parts: gears, pistons, levers.

In order to match style of house steampunk, you must adhere to several rules:

  • Required presence in interior of antiques and decor elements in a Victorian style
  • Presence of vintage furniture and natural materials for interior decoration
  • Interior in style of steampunk is not complete without items made by own hands.

steampunk home decor, stylish decor and identification of steampunk interior design

Characteristic feature of direction was display of communications and pipelines. You can very stylishly beat heating appliances, without hiding them from prying eyes. Batteries, decorated with decorative pipes, will become an unusual and attractive accent.

Steampunk home decor: trendy ideas

In steampunk home decor, you can meet all kinds of aircraft. These are futuristic airships and balloons. It is not necessary to use models of real or imaginary mechanisms. Aircraft can be depicted in paintings and posters, and also be present in form of prints on textiles.

steampunk home decor, stylish decors in steampunk style

Between styles of industrial, loft and steampunk is thin, but a clear line. Directions are quite similar to each other and can be combined with each other. Designers happily combine these styles, creating unique and exciting interiors.

Color and materials

It is unlikely that in authentic interior in style of steampunk, you will find synthetic and plastic. This direction favors use of wood, brick, and stone, glass and metal. If you are not ready to spend a large amount of money for purchase of natural finishing materials, then pay attention to options that mimic their appearance, coloring, and texture. Use laminate and veneer as an alternative to natural wood, or acrylic paints to mimic metal finish of surfaces.

steampunk home decor, colors in steampunk style

Steampunk home decor: color solutions

The first thing that catches your eye in steampunk home decor is abundance of brown in all its manifestations. In order to recreate original design, it is necessary to resort to simulating smoked surfaces and smoke.

This effect is achieved by using appropriate color scheme: variations of black, gray, brown. Suitable and bright colors: emerald, burgundy, wine, rich blue.

Interior in the style of steampunk is not without shades of bronze and brass. They, like brown color, prevail over other colors. These are natural shades of pipes, machine parts and metal panels, with which walls are peeled off.

steampunk home decor, brown color in steampunk interior design

For walls, choose warm color scheme with predominance of red and brown shades. So floors can be plank, concrete or tiled.

steampunk home decor, kitchen in steampunk style

Kitchen set should be wooden, massive, corresponding to the Victorian style with futuristic fittings, which can simulate details of different machines. Decor is preferable in form of brass pipes. Also, mixers, sinks and household appliances should be in retro style of copper or bronze shades.

steampunk home decor, living room in steampunk style

Most often in style of steampunk decorated living room. Thus, dark blue walls with wooden panels will be perfect backdrop for heavy furniture. In interior looks great leather sofa in style of Chesterfield.

Steampunk home decor: trendy tips

Give up newfangled furniture for steampunk home decor. In living room, in style of steampunk, there is no place for modern technology.

Use non-trivial items for interior design: unusual coffee tables with glass table top, under which are gears and bolts, chairs, as if made of metal plates, metal shelves and storage systems made of copper pipes. In living room will be appropriate a fireplace in form of steam boiler.

steampunk home decor, bedroom in steampunk style

Bedroom in steampunk style looks very unusual, but not everyone will take risk of implementing this design.

For decoration of window openings, thick curtains made of natural fabrics are suitable.

steampunk home decor, bathroom in steampunk style

From pipes also make dryers, storage systems, shelves for laundry and towels. Also, a standard faience sink and bathtub are not suitable for decorating this room.

The ideal option will be copper products.

For interiors use old geographical maps, telescopes with vintage tripods, authentic leather suitcases, globes, ancient barometers and measuring instruments, herbariums within framework.

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