Steampunk decor ideas: top colors and trends of steampunk interior design


Steampunk is a relatively young style that arose at the end of the last century. It is gaining more and more popularity in recent years. This style embodies incongruous: elements of the past in interpretation of future. Our article offers you to find out steampunk decor ideas and possibilities of its use in interior.

steampunk decor ideas, top colors, trends and ideas for steampunk design

Steampunk decor ideas: back to future

In order to understand what is style of steampunk, imagine future through eyes of a man who lived in the 19-20th century. At that time future was seen for mechanization, no one thought about electronics. Here are some steampunk decor ideas and characteristic directions:

  • Urbanistic
  • Science-fiction
  • Industrial direction, combining retro and futurism

steampunk decor ideas, urban and science-fiction style in steampunk interior design

steampunk decor ideas, retro-futuristic style in steampunk interior design

Main features on which you can easily recognize steampunk in interior:

  • All modern furniture items are in antiquity, in copper color, lined with wood
  • For decor, use only natural materials
  • Original objects of decor: cards with labels denoting treasures, gears in decor of furniture, compasses and similar devices

Lighting in no case is created by modern lamps: they look like gas lamps or Victorian sconces Everywhere you can find antiques: gramophones, typewriters, old telephones, copper utensils.

steampunk decor ideas, stylish decor ideas in steampunk interior design

Steampunk decor ideas: trendy colors and materials

Basically, whole color range are in warm tones, which give comfort and restraint to interior: light beige, red-brown tone, and even black. Also, not less relevant and shades of different metals: copper, brass, bronze, and gold. Use of blue or green shades for steampunk decor ideas can give room an effect of mystery and smoke.

steampunk decor ideas, trendy colors in steampunk interior design

Mysterious style steampunk finds with help of visual play of light and color scale. It creates feeling that you are in mysterious world of future.

As you already understood, designers use only natural materials in decoration. Style steampunk categorically denies plastic and its derivatives in the finish.

Therefore, appearance of even household appliances, regardless of its size or purpose, should at least be imitated under natural wood or metal. Moreover, variety of materials is great: glass, leather, ceramics, stone, brick.

steampunk decor ideas, trendy materials in steampunk interior design

Paste paper wallpaper with checkered pattern or strip. Brick walls will also be relevant. Also, on the floor, it is necessary to put a tile or in general paving stone (don’t confuse it with paving slabs). Cover ceiling with wood and metal, add arches to the interior. Thus, varnished parquet will look perfect. As well as style steampunk can’t be imagined without florid staircase: wooden or metal.

steampunk decor ideas, florid staircase in steampunk interior design

Steampunk decor ideas: characteristic nuances

The most characteristic features of steampunk decor ideas that distinguish this direction are:

  1. traditional, refined, solid, wooden furniture of the Victorian era
  2. strange, fantastic mechanisms in full size, as well as in form of schedule and mock-ups, unique neighbors with ancient objects of use
  3. various configurations of pipe (defeated heating systems),
  4. aircraft of past centuries: everything that is present in works of famous science fiction writers!


steampunk decor ideas, pipe design in steampunk decor ideas

Also, according to color scheme, steampunk style living rooms, kitchen, and hallway should be with the following combinations:

  • noble red palette
  • copper
  • laconic black shade.

steampunk decor ideas, red color, copper color in steampunk interior design

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