Rustic bathroom decor: best styles and ideas for rustic bathroom design

Rustic bathroom always looks spectacular and natural. It is quite possible to recreate rustic interior in standard bathroom of standard city apartment, which naturally increases army of fans of this design style. Let’s see what rustic bathroom decor ideas are in trend.

rustic bathroom decor, best styles and ideas for rustic bathroom design

Rustic bathroom decor: varieties and main ideas

Bathroom in rustic style can be quite diverse. Every country in the world has its own traditions of decorating buildings in rural areas. The most popular are bathrooms, made in such sub-types of rural interior design style, as:

  • country (England)
  • Provence (Southern France)
  • style of Russian village
  • Scandinavian style

In any case, for rustic bathroom decor, demand for naturalness and simplicity will be decisive. So, for example, finishing materials here should be natural: furniture, ceramics, natural stone. Artificial finishing materials, such as plastic is better not to use.

rustic bathroom decor, stylish English rustic bathroom design style

What other styles of interiors design combine rural style? They include minimalism, style shabby chic and loft. It is possible to borrow elements of these styles while preserving common rustic appearance of room.

rustic bathroom decor, Provence bathroom design, Russian bathroom design

By the way, if you decorate bathroom in rustic style, you can place furniture in it from village, which is a pity to throw. First, it will create a unique rural atmosphere in room, and secondly, it is usually resistant to moisture. Modern furniture may not fit into rustic interior, and even higher humidity is not for it.

rustic bathroom decor, Scandinavian rustic bathroom design

Rustic bathroom decor: bathroom in country style and

Bathroom in rustic country style is English version of design of this room in rural style. It reminds home of representative of provincial England, which is why it is popular with Englishmen. Rustic bathroom decor is characterized by use of natural finishing materials, so plastic shower cabins or stretch ceilings with LEDs will be inappropriate here. But bronze details, fittings, wooden panels and forged products are very suitable.

Main thing at the same time is to place them so that they hid the pipelines and various plumbing elements.

As for the color scheme, rustic bathroom should be multicolored, decorated in muted tones. Usually, it is light shades, it is quite appropriate to perform painting in floral style. Such painting can focus attention on any area in room or object. Ideal is option, when color of room will be combined with green.

rustic bathroom decor, floral design in rustic bathroom decor

Usually, rustic bathroom is made out quite unusually. It can be walls, decorated with stone or tiles with floral pattern, floor, decorated with decorative stone or ceramic tiles.

It is desirable to use metal that has aged elements, imitation bronze and brass.

rustic bathroom decor, stylish decors and design ideas for rustic bathroom

Rustic bathroom decor: stylish tips

Attention! It is not recommended to use plastic, chrome-plated materials, glass in rustic bathroom decor.

If there is no possibility to use natural finishing materials, it will be necessary to use its imitation. You can place in room one original element, for example, a hand-forged handle for bathroom. It will bring necessary rural spirit, even if the rest of finishing is done by imitation.

rustic bathroom decor, stylish decor ideas in rustic bathroom design

Bathroom in rural English style with rough furniture is in trend. It can be an antique cupboard or armchair, in the case when bathroom has a large area. It should not have polished surface. Also, The same applies to plumbing. It is desirable that it had a sufficiently rough surface for bronze or brass.

rustic bathroom decor, furniture trends in rustic bathroom design

In any case, center of room should be cast-iron or steel bathroom on curved legs. With it, stainless steel faucets will look great. Next to it is to put woven baskets under dirty laundry and bathroom accessories.

rustic bathroom decor, stylish trends of rustic bathroom

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