Office design ideas: best styles and trends for office interior design


Types of office interiors can be different, it all depends on tasks. Creation of interior of office has absolutely different principles of organization in comparison with living quarters. Thanks to wide range of office furniture, you can easily equip any area in the office and create right interior. It is important that interior maintains working environment and doesn’t contribute to relaxation, fully takes into account requirements for safety. In this regard, it is necessary to be very careful in choosing style of interior in the office. Let’s find out trendy office design ideas.

office design ideas, best styles and trends of office interior design

Office design ideas: trendy styles

Classic interior

For some areas of activity the best style for office design ideas is classic and its highest manifestation – Empire. In workplace must be clean lines, smooth transitions. If classical style of office seems too catchy, then you can resort to such a variant of it as strict English style.

Traditions of classicism can successfully combine with modern technology, equipment, and materials.

office design ideas, classic style office interior design

Modern office interior

Types of office interiors include a style such as modernism. Distinctive features of this style are lightness, elegance, expressive furniture. This interior has a slightly fanciful and original shape. Also characteristic is use of unusual materials or unusual things. Features of modernism include forging, pastel colors, patterned glass. Thanks to modern style, you can divide space into zones, which is so necessary for office and workplace. Often designers use openwork partitions made of stained glass or patterned glass.

office design ideas, modern style for office interior design

Office design ideas: other stylish styles


Office design ideas also include use of loft style. Graffiti, posters can also be used for these purposes.

Loft is decorated in bright colors, so it doesn’t look sullen. If there is a need for a partition, then glass partitions will do.

office design ideas. loft style for office interior design


Bright light, geometric shapes, modern material:  all these are features of minimalism, which is the embodiment of modernity. Basically, this interior is suitable for dynamic firms, whose activities border on junction of science and art. It is desirable to create this style in a large room. The best way to divide space into plots is by means of mobile or stationary partitions.

office design ideas, minimalism in office interior design

Office design ideas: tips and tricks

Upholstered furniture and chairs

Regardless of office design ideas, office chair should be ergonomic and comfortable. There are advantages to the rotating armchair, as it provides freedom of movement, is mobile and versatile. Also, there should be chairs for visitors, soft sofas for relaxation and informal communication.

office design ideas, chairs in office interior design

When creating an office interior, a document storage system should be provided. Even if they are stored temporarily, you need to have free access to them at any time. Office closet, office shelf, curbstone on wheels, a conventional curbstone and curbstone-table will help you in this task.

office design ideas, document storage in office interior design

Types of office interiors embody not only convenience and beauty, on them depends corporate spirit, working atmosphere in the office. It is important that style be consistent with company’s activities. That is, classical style should not be, for example, in an advertising agency or modern style in bank branch.

office design ideas, sofas in office interior design

Thus, different types of office interiors will help to turn office space into ideal place for work. With their help, everything will be maximally productive and functional.

office design ideas, stylish ideas for office interior design

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